Plan Your Most Productive Week Ever

In this 5 day free challenge, you'll learn a ridiculously simple method for making EVERY week in 2018 productive. And the best part? It only takes 15 minutes each week. Plan once, set it & forget it, actually make progress this year.


I've tried every planning method under the sun. Turns out, we need a simple, effective, guided yet flexible system for getting stuff done. Supercharge your productivity without breaking your neck trying to get it all done. Join us January 8-12!

  • DAY 1: Eliminate Overwhelm 

  • DAY 2: Make room for "The Big Stuff"

  • DAY 3:  The secret sauce to getting stuff done

  • DAY 4: Fitting in admin, social media & chores 

  • DAY 5: Distractions, roadblocks & interruptions (& how to stay on track!) 

  • Doable homework, daily motivation & live lessons!