If you're an aspiring entrepreneur, I'm willing to bet you've felt this way before:

  • Absolutely certain you're here on Earth to do something amazing and get paid for it, all while working on your own schedule anywhere in the world

  • In need of an experienced yet approachable guide to help get your stuff straight and objectively point out what you can't see 

  • Craving a tight-knit network of like-minded, inspired people you can truly lean on for support, accountability and friendship for the long haul 

  • Like this is the moment -- for real this time -- no more messing around, it's finally time to build a profitable business you can believe in

You're more than ready to take action, you just need your next steps -- and you're SO ready to make progress, for real this time. 

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In this 8 week immersive experience, we'll build a custom action plan for your big ideas -- so you can really succeed.

Can I get an "amen" if you've caught yourself saying things like:

  • "If I had an action plan for me and my business, and if I knew exactly what steps to take next, I'd feel so ready to take it and run with it so I can really make progress."

  • "I need focus. I've been tinkering around with my idea for years, never really following through. It's time to do something differently." 

  • "My business has so many moving parts and pieces. I need help nailing it all down, getting organized and developing a clear strategy for the future." 

  • "I'm wary about working with some marketing guru or 'expert'. I want someone approachable who I can trust, who can clearly cut to the chase."

  • "I need accountability and a network of like-minded, passionate entrepreneurs. I'd love to have a few business friends who truly get me, support me and help me get unstuck." 

It's possible to build a real business that feels highly connected to your purpose, WITHOUT chasing your tail or selling your soul. I'll show you how.


Here's what you can expect if you join our crew:


  • Business Breakdown: After joining a group, you fill out a guided strategy survey to reveal your biggest goals and objectives for the program

  • TWO 1:1 business deep dives: one at the beginning to jump-start your clarity, and the second halfway through to keep you on track. 

  • EIGHT group coaching sessions: Join your business BFFs every week and take turns in the hot seat. You get coached, but also get to benefit from the challenges of others -- and help them on their journey, too! 

  • Weekly prompts & homework to focus on your next steps and tick things off the list, one by one (under the guidance of an expert who gets you)

  • Private community for around-the-clock advice, accountability & friendship 

  • Recordings of all the coaching sessions, yours to keep (10 total)

So many choices out there, am I right? Here's how this program is different. 


I know there are TONS of options out there when it comes to coaches and courses. How is anyone supposed to choose when everybody is promising the same thing?! 

Simply put, I combine both the courage (guts, gumption, instinct, intuition) with the clarity (strategy, tactics, tips and tricks.) Because I know we all need BOTH to be both purposeful and profitable. 

Other programs lean too much towards courage (too fluffy) or too much towards clarity (too cold, no connection.) 

I've also experienced the power of a mastermind group in my own life, and believe you shouldn't try to do this alone. That's why this is a Coaching Circle -- it's a small group of people you can trust, capped off at 12 members so you can truly be yourself.


here's what you get:

✔️ Guided Business Goals & Objectives Exercise

✔️ (2) 1:1 Business Deep Dive Coaching Calls (60 min each)

✔️ (8) Mastermind Group Coaching Calls (60 min each) 

✔️ Weekly homework, action steps & advice

✔️ Private small community with 11 peers + your coach (that's me!)

✔️ Recordings of all the coaching sessions, yours to keep

sold out

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • When does the next group kick off?
    • The next group will start April 16th and runs through June 8th. Space is limited to 8 participants, so now's the time to snag yours if you want in! 
  • How does the payment plan work? 
    • If you select the payment plan, your first payment of $199 will be due now to hold your spot in the group. Your remaining payments will be due in Week 3, Week 5 & Week 7.
  • What time will the group coaching sessions be? 
    • With each group, I poll members to find the most ideal time for everyone. In the April class, we will be introducing 2 different coaching times each week to insure you can attend one. You'll have classmates from all over the globe, so finding a good time requires flexibility. I promise to make it worth your while! If you ever need to miss a week, recordings are available.
  • How long do we have access to the private group?
    • Your private community is hosted by me on Facebook. At the end of the 8 weeks, the group will be archived so you can always access it. Once your program ends, you'll unlock access to the Clarity Deep Dive Alumni Circle, where you can always keep up with your biz besties and rub elbows with other graduates!
  • What if I don't like the program / it's not for me?
    • This has literally never happened, so you'd be the first! I offer a 100% money-back guarantee for the first 2 weeks of the program. If your mind's not blown after week 1, I'll refund your money, no questions asked.
  • I'm a guy, can I join?
    • Um, YES! I love my Courage & Clarity Man Fans. You're totally welcome -- and you're far from the first guy I've coached.

Still on the fence or waiting to decide?


I'm glad you're taking this decision seriously -- it's a big step for you and your business! 

For many of my students, this is the first coaching program they've ever paid for. It's natural to be a little apprehensive. 

Since I'm a one-woman shop, I'm only able to offer my Coaching Circles a few times a year. Beyond April, I don't even know when the next one will be, or if the price will go up (hint: probably!)

So if you know me, if you listen to the podcast, if you like my style, you're not alone -- all of my students say that having a clear communicator, straight shooter, nurturing yet direct, approachable non-guru type teacher who over-delivers on the regular made them say YES. 

If you're not ready or the time's not right, no hard feelings. That's an important decision too. 

But if you're still reading, I'm guessing something in your gut is pulling you towards this experience. I invite you to get in on this.

if you've been trying to build a business for months or years and you just keep spinning your wheels... how long are you going to wait to take your dream seriously?

BTW, Have We Met?


I'm Steph Crowder -- host of the Courage & Clarity Podcast, co-host of the Fizzle Show, and experienced business coach. I've got 5 years of experience training hundreds of people how to sell at tech startup Groupon, plus 3 years experience coaching thousands of entrepreneurs at every stage over at

Basically, teaching, coaching and communicating is what I was born to do.

I recently quadrupled my own email list in 30 days, and I sold out my first group program with no sales page.

I know what it feels like to watch subscriber numbers climbing by the thousand, people raising their hands to be coached by me, downloads going up… but it wasn't always this way. 

I used to feel like I had an idea or a message that was just out of my reach, every time I tried to put my hands on it, it would slip away.

I'm not some guru or marketing goddess. I'm right here in the trenches with you, happy to walk next to you and spill everything I've learned. So are you ready for more courage and clarity?