Find a Life-Changing Mastermind Group (and 6 Key Tips to Make it Rock)


A mastermind group is a crew of roughly 4-8 business building peers who meet online or in person on a regular basis for accountability, insight and direction. And when you're in a good one, it totally rocks. 

But um... how exactly do you find a great group? 


A great mastermind group doesn't have to be harder to find than the Loch Ness Monster or a boyfriend who will actually watch The Bachelor with you.

There's a way to connect with amazing people online in a way that can change your life. Grab this guide to find out exactly how to do it -- PLUS 6 huge mistakes I've seen in the formation of groups & how to avoid them. 

  • Part One: Why you need a mastermind group in your life, and real strategies to find your match 

  • Part Two: The perfect meeting (ideal format for online or in person to keep your group meeting for years)

  • Part Three: 6 tips to make it rock. There are 6 big reasons a mastermind group will NOT work for you. Avoid these mistakes and open yourself up to massive business growth by leveraging your group!