5 Things You Can Do To Get 3 Clients Now

It’s time for episode 3 of the Summer Series!

This is an action packed and super tactical episode about getting clients, with solid steps and advice to make your biggest dreams a reality.

Remember, you don’t control all of the “hows” in your business. You only control:

  • Keeping your eyes firmly planted on where we want to go, what the end destination looks and feels like + the unshakable belief you can get there

  • Taking your next best step

This episode highlights my 5 best tips for you to get real, paying customers. It involves some elbow grease and proven sales strategies - but not the ones you might think.

When you’re first getting started, I don’t recommend advertising, funnels or even a sales page.

Instead, you can use these universal practices that anyone can do, no matter your financial situation or circumstances.

If you’re struggling to get your first customers, these steps may surprise you in their simplicity. While they aren’t easy, they are the most direct and actionable path for you to get clients rolling in.

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1. Go One On One With Your Services

If you’re looking for the quickest way to get paid, this is it. While creating content, building a following and offering an online course is often the dream - that’s playing the long game. The time it takes to find and grow your audience will be much longer than narrowing down your search to finding 2-3 clients to work with directly.

Trust me, even if you don’t plan on working with clients one on one forever, as a starting point this method can’t be beat. Why?

When you work one on one with clients, you can charge more for your time and you don’t need to find as many people. You may be scared off by popular business advice telling you not to trade time for money - but working with a small core group of clients will enable you to hone your craft and generate income. You can scale later, but this will build your solid foundation.

The best way to work one on one with clients? I’ll cover that in my second recommendation...

2. Craft ONE Core Offer

I wish I had done this when I was first starting out! In the hopes of helping and reaching as many people as I could with my services, I had multiple offers trying to solve multiple problems.

The problem with this was twofold.

It was confusing for my potential clients and for me! Having too many directions at once meant when people checked me out they had decision fatigue. All of my offers made it unclear how I could help them specifically. Plus, my wide range of offers meant I had a tough time pitching myself and explaining exactly who I helped and how.

Creating one, solid core offer solves these issues.

As the business owner, you can share your offer with ease and clear language. There’s no guessing. And anyone wondering if your services will help them will know in detail how you help, how long you help for and what it will cost.

To create your core offer, consider the following.

Think about your business and services. What’s an ideal time frame you would need to work with someone to help them with their transformation? Make this the length of your offer. Then decide on a price, based on the value they receive not the hours involved. Know the overarching details of your offer, such as number of calls clients get with you and practice saying it aloud.

Now you’re ready to sell what you do!

3. Leverage IRL (In Real Life) Opportunities

I’ve noticed a funny thing when a new entrepreneur decides to start an online business. They completely overlook the multitude of ways they can create connections and find clients in their own community!

No amount of online marketing wisdom can compete with the power of face to face connections when you’re first starting out.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “Ugh, networking? It’s so awkward!” I’ll gently remind you about that one piece of this all you can control. Showing up and taking your next best step. To make it on your entrepreneurial journey, you’ve got to put in the work - even the awkward work you’d rather skip.

Remember, the goal of networking isn’t even about selling your services on the spot. You need to be out there talking about what you do, because there’s always someone who knows someone else.

Your message spreading outward from people you’ve looked in the eye and shaken hands with is powerful and underutilized in our dreams of working completely online.

4. Use The Power Of Your Personal Connections

Remember the elbow grease I was talking about at the beginning of this article? Here’s where that really comes into play.

Instead of tinkering with your website and sales page- try this instead:

Make a contact list of anyone (seriously, anyone that might be a fit) that you can reach out to, to tell them about what you’re working on. Let them know you’re looking for people who may be interested in having a coffee chat about the problem you’re solving with your biz.

These aren’t hard sales calls, these are opportunities to talk about their pains and you being helpful.

Set a weekly goal for yourself for how many coffee chats you’re going to have. This is the work that will bring paying clients closer to you. Showing up, being visible and being helpful. Could you commit to booking five calls a week? If you can continue this practice, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll land clients.

5. You Don’t Have To Get Paid, But You Have To Get Something

“Steph, I’m just starting out. Should I charge clients right away or offer my services for free to gain experience?!” - I’ve heard this question once or a hundred times.

If you ask ten business coaches this question, chances are you’re going to get ten different answers. It really is a personal decision that depends on where you’re at in your journey.

If you’re new in your business but confident your skills can take your clients from point A to point B in their lives - consider charging an introductory rate. This will allow you to get paid while gaining confidence and sharpening your skills and services.

But - if you’re so new in the game that thought of charging clients makes you freeze up, you can trade your services for referrals and/or testimonials. You need to get something out of this transaction, and no, experience isn’t enough!

You Have To Be Willing To Do The Work

There you have it, my top five tips to get your first three clients!

These aren’t tricks or hacks to avoid the inevitable hard work needed to succeed. They are actions you can take starting today to get one step (and one client) closer to your dream becoming a reality.

Show Notes

Your Backup Plans Are Crushing Your Success

Episode two of the Summer Series is here!

Today I’m showcasing episode 108: “Is Your Dream Really Possible?” After a student of mine described her backup plan (that her coaching business needed to succeed in ten years or she was returning to retail) I knew I needed to dig into the topic of backup plans. This episode shows why this way of thinking can sabotage our greatest efforts without us realizing it.

Backup plans are common, and they can feel practical and comforting! But what you’ll hear in this episode is that a backup plan is like whispering to The Universe: “psssst, I’m not sure if this is really going to work”.

This is dangerous thinking for you as a business builder, so let’s dig into how to create an unshakable belief that yes you can do this.


The Danger of Backup Plans

Expect your dreams to come true in a predictable and comfortable way and you ask for the impossible. While it’s common for new entrepreneurs to clutch and hold onto the “how” of their success, this becomes a mental block where it appears so on the surface or not.

A backup plan is in direct odds with the energy of your dreams. It places limits on how you might achieve success and creates thoughts that will ultimately hold you back rather than move you forward.

If your thoughts are already focusing on what to do if you don’t reach your dreams, your mind has already been made up. You see an end result where you don’t succeed, and your thoughts and actions will follow.

To see your dreams into reality, you must accept and be ready for a level of discomfort that may scare you. It takes a lot of trust to continue believing even when things look uncertain.

This Isn’t About Being Reckless

Letting go of your limiting beliefs and backup plans doesn’t mean you jeopardize your relationships or financial security. This isn’t what it takes to be “all in”.

So how do you ditch the backup plans without throwing responsibility to the wind?

The first step is always to take a hard look at the conditions you’re setting for yourself. Do you know your minimum viable income? Or are you only going to launch your coaching business until you have an emergency fund of $100,000 saved away?

Most of us create backup plans and limitations because we believe we need more than we actually do.

Dreams don’t come true without some uncomfortable moments along the way, to see this through to the end you’ll need to accept and welcome this.

If you’re adverse to discomfort, it becomes easier to make excuses. You need to be so sure of your inevitable success that excuses become irrelevant.

If you’re wondering how you could possibly develop this unshakable belief in yourself, keep reading for my best actionable tips to get you there…

7 Ways To Believe In The Largeness Of Your Dream

  1. See where you’re going - it’s important to know that you every step in your journey. Have a clear vision of where you’re headed and be open to the non-linear path to get there. What do you want your dream to look and feel like? What fuels your desire for your dream?

  2. Trust that showing up is enough - know that the effort you’re putting in today is enough. Keep taking steps even when it seems like they aren’t leading anywhere.

  3. Believe that every step is a part of your unfolding of your dream - there is nothing you’re doing right now that isn’t a part of your future dreams coming true. Even if you receive surprising or challenging news that throws you off track, there are no missteps.

  4. Accept that you don’t have (or ever will) have all of the answers - your job is to keep showing up and taking action.

  5. You don’t control the timeline - a surprise incident could change everything in a second. You never know when the right person is going to hear your podcast or the right influencer will share your blog post. The only thing you control is your actions and ability to keep showing up.

  6. Trust your future self to take care of future problems or success - fear of success is a real thing because more success can mean more pressure. Know that In the future you’ll be equipped to handle anything that comes your way, even if you doubt that now.

  7. Stop overthinking and look for your next best step - you don’t need to know ten steps ahead., this is sure path to analysis paralysis. Note when you get lost in a sea of overthinking and instead get comfortable with taking ONLY your next best step.

Bonus Tip: The Post-It Trick

Here’s a fun, easy and tactile visualization exercise to help you take action.

The next time you want to bring more of your people in, place blank post-it notes somewhere visible near where you do your work.

Maybe you have a launch coming up or are on the hunt for you next three clients.

Then look at those blank papers and know, have faith that the names will begin filling in. You won’t know who they are yet, or exactly when it’s going to happen, and be okay with that.

I used this practice during a launch for my pre-sale of a course. Why did it work so well? It felt like a game! It was energizing and motivating and allowed me to celebrate each name that was added. The more you can celebrate the little successes in your business, the more momentum and fun you’ll build.

Show Notes

"Quick & Dirty Money": A Simple Way To Make Some Fast Cash w/ Jessica Eley

Welcome to the Courage & Clarity Summer Series!

For the next twelve weeks, we’re going deep into the archives to revisit 12 must listen episodes of the podcast.  I hope you’ll find a new nugget inspiration out of each episode. Especially if your own business has changed since these episodes originally aired.

I believe this podcast balances the head and the heart of entrepreneurship.  

So, in true C&C style the Summer Series celebrates our best “head” (actionable, tactical advice to help you build the biz of your dreams) and “heart” episodes (think - mindset, courage, values driven inspiration).

To start the series off, we’re going back almost 100 episodes, to my first interview with my current coach, Jessica Eley.  

In this episode she talks about two different kinds of money you can make as an entrepreneur - and why it’s important you know the difference between them.


You can’t think your way to clarity.  Action always comes first. - Jessica Eley

Quick and dirty vs fun and passion driven money

As an entrepreneur, you’ve got big dreams, and a “calling” to do something special in the world.  This is what fun and passion driven work is all about.

But - before you place all your bets on your big lofty goals - Jessica explains why getting your feet wet (and keeping money rolling in) through quick and dirty work is essential. She also shares her personal experience of replacing her corporate income in two (!) weeks using this method as a copywriter.

The key takeaways about the quick and dirty money approach:

  • It’s not meant to be forever. In fact, it’s not sustainable and it’s not supposed to be.

  • You can take a skill set you honed at a previous job and leverage it into your first entrepreneurial hustle.

  • You don’t need a website!  You can get on the phone, hop on a Skype call, make some real life connections - and be in business right away.

  • Pay attention to what you like and don’t like while you help others. It will create clarity in your bigger grander vision.

  • You’ll need to think on your feet, be nimble and get clear on how you like to work - all important parts of working for yourself.

This episode and the wisdom Jessica drops is required listening for the C&C Community.  

If you could make some calls and make some quick and dirty money, how would you do it?  Or if you’ve already taken this path (like I talk about doing in the episode) I want to hear how you did it!

Head over to our free FB group and let me know what ideas you have to try out!

Show Notes

Should You Stop Creating New Content?

After 139 episodes I'm ready to stop.

(Don't worry, it's not what you think!)

This year I’m focused on going deeper. After a whirlwind 2018 full of new ideas and experiments, I've got to be honest with you, I'm excited to slow things down.

What does slowing things down look like for me? It’s creating space in my business to look at the big picture and leverage the body of work I've been hard at work creating for the past 2.5 years.

Yes friends, this summer I'm taking a strategic pause on publishing new podcast episodes.


Tune into this episode to hear:

My main motivations for pausing on creating new weekly content

How I'm revamping and breathing fresh life into my existing catalog of podcasts


Could this idea work for you? I share my best advice on how to know if it's time to hit pause - or push through and keep creating.

Listen, no matter your business, niche or work ethic, at some point creating fresh new content week after week is going to be hard. Instead of pretend like this never happens, I’m sharing my truth and taking you along for the ride to learn with me.

I hope you enjoy this vulnerable episode. Have you ever taken a strategic pause on making new weekly content? Hop over to The Courage & Clarity Community and tell us all about it!

Show Notes

How To Get That "Fresh New Business" Feeling (Without Starting A Brand New Business)

Do you often ask yourself “what’s next!?” when it comes to your biz?

Today I'm sharing my personal experience of trying ALL the business things in 2018. In 2019, I've slowed down, become deliberate and focused on refreshing my existing projects in 2019.

I realized after an incredible year of trying multiple business offerings (1:1 client work, group programs, retreats, courses … the list goes on!)

I’m now ready to focus in on the best offerings and make them even better.

If you feel like your business is a treadmill of never ending new project ideas OR it feels stale and needs a refresh - this episode is for you!


If you’ve been around the Courage & Clarity Community for a little while now, you know that my year didn’t get off to the best start.

Normally I’m ready to hit January hard with goals that stick and a guiding word to lead me forward.

This year, not so much.

I gave myself some space and grace and knew when the time was right, my word and motivation would come to me. It took three months, but after a mastermind get together with my closest business pals, I had my word: DEEPER!

I’m usually all about starting the next project, trying out the next idea.

But 2019, and this podcast episode is all about tactical ways to bring fresh elements to an existing project. Now I ask myself: how can I get even better at past content and creations without starting all over again?

If you normally start new projects because they’re shiny, seemingly easier and fresh, have a listen to this episode and then ask yourself:

How can I go deeper with what I already have?

And when you have your answer, head over to The Courage & Clarity Community and share your answers with all of us!

Show Notes

How To Kick Ass With Limitations: An Honest Journey To NYT Best Selling Author With Esmé Wang

If you’ve ever wondered if you “have what it takes” to be an entrepreneur - this episode is required listening.

Today’s guest, my friend and student Esmé Wang, is an author whose latest book Collected Schizophrenias debuted at #3 on the New York Times best sellers list. She’s also been featured in People magazine and the Today Show.

Her website Esméwang.com is an essential resource for ambitious people living with limitations such as chronic illness, mental health and care taking responsibilities.

She’s proof that with quality work and perseverance, you can achieve great things in your life. I’m thrilled for you to hear her inspiring story.


Esmé’s story begins working in a tech startup in San Francisco. While also writing her first book she endured extremely hard times including health issues that went undiagnosed.

After writing a book she believed fully in, she faced 41 rejections from publishers. Imagine her devastation - the book took five years to write. Her high hopes were dashed.

With her health deteriorating requested more and more remote work at her startup. She slowly became curious about entrepreneurship, listening to podcasts like The Fizzle Show.

In 2013/2014 - her health plummeted and she left her job. She then started a small online copy-writing and branding biz.

She never gave up on her love of writing and now, five years later she is celebrating great success in her career.

There is SO much to take away from Esmé’s incredible story.

In her Clarity episode you'll hear:

  • What an “Unexpected Shape” is (and why it will forever change your view on challenges)

  • How to reframe your limitations into boundaries

  • How to be creative and change your tools depending on your situation (friends, she wrote her bestselling book on an Iphone & Ipad Mini)

  • The value of persistence and taking matters into your own hands

  • Why giving yourself space and following your rhythms with work is essential

  • What “Phase Fog” is + why keeping records is so important

Show Notes

What You Can Learn From Asking "Nosy" Or "Rude" Money Questions With Claire Pelletreau

If you’ve been around the Courage & Clarity podcast for long enough, you may remember that one of my first guests was Claire Pelletreau. Today, she’s back and we get into all sorts of good stuff around business and money.


Claire is the host of the Get Paid Podcast, and has an unmatched curiosity and ability to ask the tough questions that not many others are willing to ask. In the past five years she’s grown her Facebook Ads consulting business and she has so much experience to share.

Claire and I get real in this episode about the truth behind those “six figure businesses” you keep hearing about + she spills the #1 reason she raised her rates after many years. Plus, we get into her own early money mindset story, and how she went from scared and scarcity focused to confident and unafraid to talk about, and make great money.

Show Notes

What To Do When You Can't Find Your Voice (Bizdom Episode w/Megan Hale)

You know you have an important message to share.  Your people need to hear from you.

You may have gone through seasons where it was easy to put yourself out there consistently, or maybe you’re just getting started.

What can you do when you’re stuck and lose your voice?  When you just need to hit send or publish and… you freeze up.

Today’s bizdom episode is a vulnerable and honest conversation between Steph and Megan Hale that listeners will instantly relate to.


Today’s conversation weaves between Steph and Megan’s shared experiences creating content.  Megan opens up about the 15 month break she’s taken from podcasting and what fears are coming up for her now that she’s getting ready to launch a new season.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The risk of putting too much pressure on ourselves

  • Why you don’t have to be an expert to show up and be heard

  • How to show up courageously for your audience, even if you’re just a few steps ahead of them

  • Why doing it messy is essential

If you’re facing resistance and fear when you try to get your voice out there, know that you’re not alone. This conversation will be the motivation you need to show up bravely and put your work out there!

Show Notes

Generating $17K Through Group Programs With Lee Chaix McDonough

Have you ever invested in a course or program with high hopes only to have it fall flat?  Maybe it over promised and under delivered, or you lost interest and put it on the shelf for “someday” (aka never).

Now imagine the opposite scenario: you invest in a course and within months, generate 28 times the initial cost!

Today’s guest, Crickets to Customers student alumni Lee Chaix McDonnough, tells us exactly how she did just that.


Lee is a coach for spiritual minded business owners, and author of the book ACT On Your Business.  After spending 15 years in the fields of social work and public health, Lee pivoted to pursue a coaching career.  

In the Courage portion of this episode, Lee walks us through her first year of business, and reveals the mistakes she made along the way.  She realized her business decisions were rooted in fear - and as a result she had created a corporate looking and sounding business that wasn’t in alignment with the real her or who she was meant to serve.

She was looking outside of herself for answers, instead of owning her natural strengths and infusing in her biz.  With this in mind, she realigned her coaching practice to serve her ideal clients.

Lee’s Clarity Episode is a juicy one!

While Lee had built a thriving 1:1 coaching business, she saw a need to add another service to her offerings.  In August 2018, after being one of my earliest podcast listeners and C&C Community members, she took the plunge and joined Crickets to Customers.

Lee’s results will blow you away!  Listen and hear:

  • How she overcame her initial hesitation to join the program

  • How important her community anchor is to rally her people and grow her audience

  • The steps she took to open her first FB group and what’s she’s learned plus how it’s grown to 700+ members

  • What took place for her to generate over $17000 in the 7 months since she first joined C2C!

Are you ready to take your next best step in building a business you love?

Doors are now open for my signature course Crickets to Customers until Thursday April 18, 2019!

Show Notes

How This Mom Of Four Sold Out Her First Group Program

I love interviewing my students to share their inspiring success stories!  Today I’m chatting with Meghan Chomut, Certified Financial Planner, super-mom of four (!) and Crickets to Customers alumni.

Megan’s story is sure to uplift you.  She’ll show you just what’s possible when you listen to what your customers really want and take steady steps towards launching a group program.


In 2017, Meghan unexpectedly found herself applying for new jobs in her career field of financial planning. Even with ten years of experience, she quickly realized- if she was going to work for another company, she had to start at the bottom and work her way up.

This was just the push she needed to start her own business and begin her journey of online entrepreneurship.  Living in a city in Northern Canada, face to face networking opportunities were slim. But Meghan took it upon herself to reach out to others in her field online and get to know them.  She even joined a Mastermind, and leveraged the power of having a community rallying around you.

In Meghan’s Clarity Story You’ll Hear:

  • Why she wanted to transition from 1:1 work to group programs

  • How she used Crickets to Customers to design an effective community anchor

  • What her expectations were of taking the course

  • Exactly how she sold out her first group program within months of finishing C2C

Meghan’s story is proof that when you commit expanding beyond your comfort zone, and take action on your dreams - you can achieve great things.

This success story is super timely, as I’m re-opening the doors to my signature program Crickets to Customers on April 12, 2019! Click here to join the Crickets to Customers wait list.

Show Notes

Make Selling Easier With This One Simple Concept

Today’s episode is all about sales that feel good, are aligned and even FUN.  Let’s leave the sleazy, forced and uncomfortable selling behind!

Why do I have sales on the brain?

Because I’ve put together a brand new 5 day challenge - Selling Made Simple.   In just five days you’ll have real clarity on what you’re selling and who you’re selling to!

Who is this challenge for?  Business owners who:

  • Are just getting started and need direction

  • Already have their biz but are ready for selling to feel easier

  • Are decent at sales but want to get even better at it!


This solo episode is broken into five parts:

Why Selling Feels Hard - and the critical error I see biz owners make over and over

The Better Way To Sell -  how to become empowered in your selling and take the pressure of convincing people to buy away for good

Storytelling As A Way Of Selling - I’ll explain the one missing puzzle piece to have this advice give you more results than ever before

My (Possibly) Controversial Opinion On Ideal Customer Avatars - do you really need one to succeed in your business?


The #1 Thing You Need to Get Crystal Clear On To Sell With Ease - learn what it is and why it’s the core of my Selling Made Simple Challenge

The Selling Made Simple Challenge runs April 8-12th 2019 - will you join us?

Show Notes

How To Take A Course (And Actually Get Your Money's Worth)

Have you bought a course with the best of intentions but never get around to taking action on it? Maybe you've got a collection of online marketing books collecting dust on your bookshelf. Yep, we've all been there.

If you're scared you'll waste of money and nervous to keep investing in yourself, this episode’s for you!


Sarah Peck, the brilliant woman behind Startup Pregnant, is here to give her best tips and tricks so you can get the most out of your continued education. You'll leave this episode with a complete re-frame of how you look at the books and courses you purchase in the future.

Listen in to hear:

  • Why finishing the thing (course, workbook, video) isn’t always the most important goal.

  • How to determine the real value of your investment beyond the price per minute.

  • The reason a bookshelf half full of books you haven’t read can actually be a good thing.

I loved this conversation with Sarah so much, and bet it will give you a fresh and empowering perspective on the courses and books you buy. You get to define what success if for you!

Show Notes

7 Steps To Making Your Dream Come True With Christine McAlister

I’m super excited to welcome today’s guest, Christine McAlister!

Christine is a business coach (lifewithpassion.com) who helps high-achieving, motivated women leave their 9-5 jobs and achieve their big business dreams.  In fact, she’s helped over 70% of them successfully move on from their corporate jobs and into running their own successful businesses. (Sounds pretty great, right?)

How does she do it?  By helping them believe that they can actually do it. Because until you reach that point - fear’s going to hold you back and keep you safe and complacent.

If you feel stuck in a “good enough” job but you can’t quite figure out why, this episode and Christine’s wisdom is for you!


In the Courage part of Christine’s story you’ll hear:

  • How she found herself with piles of student loan debt and no desire to return to the career path she was previously in.

  • The tragedy in her life that helped her see that the traditional rules she was playing by just didn’t make sense anymore.  After this incident, she knew nothing could hurt her worse than she had already been hurt.

  • What happened after she asked herself “how do I really want to spend my days” - and how her successful business came to be

This Clarity section is jam-packed!

Christine skips the fluff and gives tons of actionable advice for you.  She outlines the exact seven steps she takes her clients through to go from suffering through a ho-hum day job to building a businesses they adore. Ones that aren’t only financially stable,  but in alignment with the ideal life her clients want to create!

I won’t list them all seven steps here (you’ve got to tune in for all the details!)  But I’ll let you know that it all begins with a decision that yes, you’re worth it and you can make your dream business a reality.

Show Notes

So You Flopped: Should You Rework It Or Scrap It & Move On?

Well friends, the Fix a Flop Series is a wrap!

Today’s episode brings it all home with my biggest lessons and learnings from this process. Most importantly, I’ll let you know how you can learn from my mistakes and be ready to take on challenges like this with a lighter attitude and a better chance of success!


When do you decide to scrap your idea and move on? What's energy got to do with your ability to have a successful launch? Why is it so important that you know your worst case scenario?

I’ve loved sharing the behind the scenes with you about what it really takes to turn a failing product launch around.

The final episode in this series will let you know:

  • My final sign up results of my 90 Day Planner Intensive (and remember - I was starting at zero after a jam packed webinar on day one of my launch week!)

  • What allowed me to make the critical changes needed to affect the final outcome

  • Why accepting your worst scenario is non-negotiable when you’re up against a possible flop

  • My answer to a question that's come up a lot since this series began - “Steph - I put something out there and heard crickets. When should I just scrap my idea and move on?”

Plus the biggest lesson I'll take with me out of this whole process... and how it will shape how I work in the future!

If this series hit a cord with you, make sure you’re a part of my free community over on Facebook, The Courage & Clarity Community. It’s full of awesome people just like you, who are learning how to balance the head and the heart of building a business they actually care about.

You can request to join here!

The Fix a Flop Series:

Episode 1 “How to Know You’re Headed For a Flop”

Episode 2 “How Exactly to Fix a Failing Product Launch”

Show Notes

Fizzle - get your free trial!

Teachable - learn more about the platform that I use for all of my courses

Exactly How To Fix A Failing Product Launch

Welcome back to episode two of three in my Fix a Flop Series!

Be sure to go back and listen to CC127 for the background story of how this series came to be - it’s required listening for you to get the most out of this episode.

So, what do you do when you realize your expectations for a launch aren’t exactly on track?

Today I’m sharing everything I did to course correct my launch of the 90 Day Planner Intensive between my first webinar on a Monday (with zero signups) to my Thursday and Friday webinars.  


If you’re headed for a flop, it’s important to acknowledge and allow the disappointment you feel - because it’s going to hurt.  The key is to not wallow for too long.  Instead, give yourself space to be bummed before you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and do something about it.

In this episode you’ll hear the exact steps I took to fix my launch:

  1. Diagnose where the problem is, break it down.  Where are you missing the mark?

  2. Get outside of your own head - get feedback as soon as possible. I’ll tell you the three groups of people I relied on and who you should leverage when needed. Compare feedback and find common threads.

  3. Tweak and rework wherever needed, and bring it back to people that gave feedback.

  4. Get your updated work out in front of as many people as possible and watch closely if it produces different results.  Continue this process until you figure it out.

Next week tune in and we’ll get into the post mortem where I’ll unpack and analyze the whole process. Plus I’ll discuss how to decide if you should rework or scrap your idea completely.

Show Notes

How to Detect Early On That You're Headed For a Flop (Fix a Flop Series)

Today I want to normalize when you’re on the verge of what feels like a business catastrophe.  I’m spilling the backstory of my latest launch – and how it had flop written all over it.

Often stories shared on podcasts are inspiring successes and include the “best of” side of entrepreneurship.  It makes sense, it’s way more fun to talk about the highlights rather than the tough moments.

Real talk: it’s only a matter of time before something you offer doesn’t match your expectations. 


I recently launched my new course The 90 Day Planner Intensive.  After an incredibly engaged and exciting webinar (the first of three) and I opened my email program to see… zero sales. 

Uh oh, something was wrong and there was no time to panic, I needed to take action and fix it.

In true C&C fashion, I’m taking you behind the scenes with me to learn how to:

-          Separate your business’ successes and challenges from your self-worth

-          Recognize when your launch is headed towards a flop, what to assess and start to fix it

-          Rally the support you have around you to problem solve and make the necessary changes

The good news?

After ease-fully filling my group coaching programs, my signature course Crickets to Customers as well as having a full roster of 1:1 clients over the past year, I can honestly say I’ve learned more and gained more confidence by fixing my almost flop!

Stay tuned for the next two parts of this series – next week I’ll share everything I did to fix my almost flop.  Then after that I’ll go through a full post mortem of this whole process.

Show Notes

How to (Finally) Implement Your Big Ideas & Plans

How much impact could you make on your business in 90 days?

On today’s episode I share how planning in 90 day increments is a sweet spot that can help you see your biggest results.

Think about it - 90 days is long enough to make a huge impact but it’s not so big that you’re overwhelmed and get frozen. 

I hear time and time again that making an amazing plan isn’t the tough part - it’s actually sticking to the plan!

Why is it so hard to get things done?  We rarely include details in our planning on how we’ll stay accountable. It’s totally normal to know what you need to do, but doing it and making progress is totally different

In this episode you’ll hear how my 90 Day Planner Intensive will help a cohort of brave business owners have an incredibly productive three months.

I challenge every listener to try something different, to get out there and stop trying to go this path alone!

Show Notes

How Two Biz Besties Make More Progress Together

I'm excited to introduce you to two of my students, Amanda McKinney and Jessica Kinsey. They've taken accountability partnership to a whole new level!

Jessica runs prodigyandco.com, where she supports not-for-profits make a bigger impact and achieve incredible results. Amanda runs ammarketing.com, where she shows yoga teachers how to stay connected to their values while running a sustainable and profitable business. While they're busy running their own businesses, they share an office space and even get coached by me together.

On this episode you'll hear why an accountability partner is more than just a cheerleader - it's a business asset!


Listen and learn how:

  • To find the right accountability partner and become a great one yourself

  • Giving and receiving honest feedback is essential to grow your business

  • Having someone keep an eye on you will ensure you actually get your work done

  • Knowing your next best step is all it takes to keep forward momentum in your business

You'll love hearing their unique experiences and I bet you'll be inspired you to go out and find your perfect accountability partner if you haven't already!


Staying on Track When Motivation is Low (Bizdom Episode)

Megan Hale is back on the mic with Steph in the first Business Wisdom episode of 2019! Together they share their perspectives on how to stay on track through the unavoidable challenges you'll face as you grow your business.

Steph asked The Courage and Clarity community "where are you struggling when it comes to accountability and your big goals?" and boy did you deliver some great questions!


On this episode you'll hear:

  • What accountability means to Megan

  • What Steph and Megan's accountability partnership looks like and their best tips to be a good partner yourself

  • Macro vs micro goals - how do you take a big ol' dream and break it down into what needs to happen on a daily or weekly basis?

  • How they handle themselves when their best laid plans get steamrolled by the realities of life

This episode if full of Steph and Megan magic! You'll feel not only inspired, but also ready to show up and be accountable in your business.

More Than a Plan: 5 Ways to Actually Accomplish Goals

Welcome to Accountability Month!

It’s a timely topic for this time of the year – as the fresh energy and shininess of the New Year fades into the reality that is… life.

Today I’m sharing 5 great tips to help you set the right kind of goals, and hit them even when everyday life throws its normal curve balls at you.

Because no matter how well you plan, you can’t be ready for every distraction. So let’s normalize this reality (instead of feeling shame or that we’re not good enough)


 You’ll get lots of Clarity from this episode as I cover:

1)      What is accountability and how is does it differ from motivation? (plus why it’s so important you know the difference)

2)      Chunking down bigger goals + how to implement weekly habits to make steady progress on them.

3)      How to Measure Progress so that you don’t feel like you’re just going around in circles!

4)      Good Better Best - a simple framework to set healthier goals that will have you celebrating more often and seeing more success.

5)      Sharing with someone - why having an accountability partner is crucial as you build your business.

Laying out your business plans is only a small part of the big picture. Follow the five tips in this episode so you can pull those plans into reality!

Show Notes