Ep 038 // How to Make a Living Doing Something You Actually Like

"The hardest thing about earning a living doing something I care about is how deeply I care about my mistakes."

"The hardest thing about earning a living doing something I care about is believing that I'll actually figure it out one day."

"The hardest thing about earning a living doing something I care about is believing that I'm one of the lucky ones who 'gets to'."

Maybe you're listening to this podcast because you're not currently earning a living doing something you care about.

Perhaps you're in your car right now on your way to the job that you hope to leave. I've been in that driver's seat, listening to podcasts about people who are walking their kids to school and creating cool things, being completely in charge of how much they make.

And I know how badly you want that to be you.

 Or, maybe you're already in this thing. You're trying to figure it out.

You've got a website, you're working on building your audience and you're trying SO hard to find your people and grow your tribe.

And it's so challenging at times, you wonder if this is all worth it.

Maybe it would be easier to go get a job that could pay the bills so you can do your thing.

Or worse, maybe you're so burnt out on your thing that you're not sure you want to do this at all. And you want to give up.

And I get that… because this is hard.

 It is not easy to have meaningful work in your life. And once you find it, you gotta work to keep it. It's not an "I found it and now I'm set for life!" So that's where this meaningful work series comes in.

 I want to talk to you about why having meaningful work in your life is worth it. I want to draw a contrast between a life that has meaningful work, and one that is resigned to the mundane.  

So in the Meaningful Work Series, we're going to get into the tactics for earning meaningful work, and keeping it in your life.

We'll talk about a two-part strategy for NOT giving up on your work.

These three episodes are the very foundation upon which the entire Courage & Clarity podcast is built. I seek conversations with brave people who are fighting for meaningful work, and I get them on the show to reveal the VISION they cultivated, as well as the PROCESS.

 I'm breaking this episode down into five parts: 

  1. Why our current understanding of "work" is broken (and what to replace it with)
  2. What is meaningful work? Is it worth it?
  3. How to recognize YOUR perfect opportunity to do meaningful work 
  4. The two big keys you need to earn a living doing something you care about
  5. The biggest obstacles people face as they go after work they really love 



Ep 037 // Making Tough Decisions, Feeling Fraud-ish & Killer Podcast Interviews (Season 2 Q+A)

That's a WRAP on Season 2! I can't believe we did it -- 10 guests, 20 interviews, 2 bonus episodes, and a whole lot of love and connection with you all. I hope you got as much value out of the wide array of talent on the show this past season. 

Now, it's time to answer your big questions from Season 2 (and life in general)! 


I received such awesome questions this time around, and it was so fun connecting with you in this way! 

I definitely saw some themes in the questions this time around, and that actually confirmed my desire to create the Meaningful Work Series on the podcast over the next couple weeks. Eek! Stay tuned, I'm majorly excited about this month. 

Here are just a few of the answers I'm hitting you with today:  

  • How to make decisions when you feel stuck between two options
  • My strategy for killer podcast interviews 
  • What to do if you're scared you don't have enough expertise, you've made too many mistakes or you're not far enough along to teach others 
  • How to choose between "being responsible" and "chasing your dreams"
  • How to manage time when you feel like your work keeps bleeding into your life
  • What to do with old blog posts when you're embarrassed by where you started 
  • How to turn more inquiries into sales!



Ep 036 // 3 Steps You Must Take to Find Your Passion with Rachel & Kristen of Clarity on Fire (Clarity)

After throwing it back to the days of depressed Netflix binge-watching and cubicle panic attacks in our Courage episode, I'm so excited to dig into the Clarity episode with Rachel East & Kristen Walker! After all, their website & business is Clarity On Fire and they definitely live up to the name in this episode.  


 I've heard from so many of you that you just want to find a way making a living doing something you actually care about. In truth, that mission is the entire premise of this podcast. And so, having Rachel & Kristen dive into this topic where they both shine so brightly was a true treat for me, and I hope you get as much from this conversation as I did! 

Here's what you'll learn in this awesome episode:

  • Why it's so hard to find our passion in the first place
  • Why many of us get so stuck choosing between what we're good at and what we actually like
  • How to make working feel more like living
  • The one question Rachel & Kristen would ask you if you're feeling guilty about changing your career path 
  • Why finding your passion is kind of like looking at a giant buffet, and how to figure out what the heck to put on your plate
  • The 3 things you absolutely MUST know about passion to help you find yours!

Ep 035 // How Two Best Friends Who Hated Work Got Unstuck with Rachel & Kristen of Clarity on Fire (Courage)


It's the grand finale of Season 2 of the Courage & Clarity podcast, and I couldn't imagine two more perfect guests for playing us out with a bang. This week I'm joined by Rachel East and Kristen Walker of Clarity on Fire, two incredible career & life coaches for millennial who feel stuck. 


I've been following Rachel & Kristen for a long time now (I mentioned them a while ago on The Fizzle Show as one of my very favorite emails I get each week -- and I'm only subscribed to a few!) 

I was excited to "meet" Rachel & Kristen, but what I couldn't know in advance was how much fun they were to talk to and how effortlessly we connected via the airwaves. It was kind of magical, guys, and I hope you can hear it too! 

In this Courage episode, we're digging into how these two best friends started a business together in the first place, starting all the way back at the beginning for each of them individually. 

Some of the highlights you'll hear: 

  • How to assess whether you should go into business with your BFF - or anyone else for that matter! 
  • Why your reality might not be completely true, and the way your current circumstances may be playing tricks on you
  • What happens when you challenge the way you've always seen the world (hint: amazing transformation!)
  • What it's like when you know this can't be it, but you have no idea what to do next (aka, feeling totally stuck) 
  • How being young & naive might actually be a good thing sometimes
  • Why Rachel, Kristen nor I have no interest in being a #girlboss (and what we're all doing instead!)

Ep 034 // How to Nail Your Customer’s Needs with an Incredibly Simple Product (Clarity)

In this week's Clarity episode, I'm welcoming Allison Schaaf, founder of PrepDish, back to show!



You’re going to be so inspired by how EASY it can be to be successful. You don’t have to go and spend tons of money acquiring crazy skills -- instead, Allison shows us how we can create something incredibly simple based purely on a customer's needs.

We're diving into: 

  • Understanding Customers Better: The number one thing to keep in mind that keep your product beautifully simple 
  • Connecting with Customers: The number one question Allison asks to get tons of customer feedback -- and thus provide the solution that people gladly pay for 
  • Building a Team: Allison's take on when to hire, and what 2 questions to ask to decide what you need to hand of
  • Productivity: How to uncover exactly where your time is going, and shift towards more time on your favorite tasks 

"It’s more often the entrepreneur who’s thinking it needs to have all these bells and whistles, and that can just confuse your customer."

“I could make this fancy app and it might make me appealing to some people, but it would make me more appealing to my core customer?”

Ep 033 // How Lessons from a Service-Based Business Fueled a Passive Income Product

This week I'm pumped to welcome the founder of a service I use myself (and am obsessed with!) I've got Allison Schaaf, the founder of PrepDish, a subscription service offering handcrafted gluten-free and paleo meal plans week after week. 


Aside from loving PrepDish as a customer, I wanted to have Allison on the show for a very specific reason:

Her product is incredibly simple. Like, "can this actually be a business?" simple. It's a PDF.

I hope these episodes with Allison challenge you to strip away all the scary beliefs that you need to buy course after course to figure out how to launch a business. 

Allison's the master of putting the customer's needs first, and getting laser-focused on what people actually NEED (hint: it's not a crazy app or 35 module course.)

In this Courage story, we're exploring how Allison got here via her Personal Chef business. I love that Allison started out with a service-based business, and how she worked out the kinks in her workflow before launching a digital product.

Through perfecting her process in people's kitchens, she was able to create a hard-hitting digital product that nails a specific need. 

Here's what we're getting into in this episode: 

  • Getting clients: How Allison got her very first client as a personal chef (spoiler: it's not fancy) 
  • Refining your services: How to figure out what makes you unique -- and how that translates to your offering
  • Networking: How the hard work you do in the beginning may pay off later in surprising ways 
  • Idea validation: How Allison's Personal Chef business actually served as the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for her digital product, PrepDish
  • Batching: How Allison shifted to a year-long or season-long view of her meal plans, and how she gets more done with less effort 

“I figured out what was unique for me — I was not only a chef, but I was also a dietician.”

“I just had to stop doing anything except the process that I wanted to do. I know you want me to cater your party, but I can’t — this is the one thing I want to do. It really was a decision, this is the way I do things, and I’m only going to work with clients THIS WAY.”

Ep 032 // A 4-Pronged Approach to Better Decision Making with Sarah K Peck (Clarity)

After Sarah's Courage story, now we're getting down to business and talking about some real grown-up stuff: making better decisions in our businesses. 


If you feel like a crazy person, jumping around from thing to thing without accomplishing any one task, this episode is for you. 

If you can't summarize what you do in 5 words, this episode is for you. 

And if you're drowning in emails and you find yourself saying "maybe" when in your heart you mean "no", then yep, this episode is for you. 

We're digging into: 

  • What startups and pregnant women / mothers can learn from each other
  • Why understanding what you do (and don't do!) is absolutely critical to your ability to make decisions -- and exactly how many things you should be doing 
  • Where to turn if you have a hard time describing what you do, if what you do doesn't work, or if you feel crazy busy all the time
  • How to find your business "North Star"
  • The 4 categories of business decision making: Delegate, Defer, Automate & Delete 
  • Why you should strive to be a little bit bad at some things (like email), and why it's okay to "break stuff" in your business 

Some favorite quotes from Sarah: 

"Just because somebody has put something on my task list doesn't mean I have to decide to do it." 

"Don't defer it if you really mean NO. Because that's actually mean."

Ep 031 // Yes, You Can Keep Going with Sarah K. Peck (Courage)

In this week's edition, I've got Sarah K. Peck on the microphone with me! Sarah is an author, startup advisor and yoga instructor based in New York City. She's the founder and executive director of Startup Pregnant, and at this point in her career she's written around 700 essays.(!)


Guys, I truly love and adore every single episode of this show that I've had the privilege to produce. Maybe it's the exact place I'm at in my own life right now as mama to a one year old, but I am really in love with this conversation.

I hope it inspires you, challenges you and lifts you up all at the same time, because that's exactly what happened to me. 

A few big points we dive into: 

  • How to find and understand your core identity -- aka, who you really are, in just a handful of words
  • The time Sarah broke her foot in college, and the huge lesson that applies to business 
  • Why a "just this once" mentality will screw us up, and leads us to a path of excuses 
  • The two habit muscles we are always strengthening -- and which one you definitely want to be focusing on 
  • Why "waste" and "rest" are not the same -- and how rest is actually an investment in our careers
  • How to stop feeling guilty about doing things that feel good to us 
  • Why Sarah will take her shirt off and shake her boobies around (wait... what?)

Some of my very favorite quotes from this episode: 

“The true test of perserverance and resilience, the people who make it through their 20 mile march are the ones who look at that moment when they COULD make an excuse and they say I’m choosing to do it anyways” 

“You’re either strengthening the muscle that makes excuses, or you’re strengthening the muscle that does it anyways” 

“The person who wins, the person who makes it happen isn’t the person who has some magical better circumstances than you” 

Then, in the Clarity episode, we're talking about a precise process for way better decision making in our businesses & our lives. Can't wait for you to hear this! 

Ep 030 // How to Prepare Financially for Entrepreneurship with Nicole Lapin (Clarity)

In the second half of my conversation with best-selling author and former CNN & CNBC anchor Nicole Lapin, we're getting real about finances.


You might be itching to become an entrepreneur because of all the perks, but what about the cash? Do you have enough to make it on your own?

As Nicole tells us in this episode, the best entrepreneurs are scrappy. It's easy to fantasize over investors throwing cash at you a la Shark Tank, but that kind of start-up money means you basically have a boss.

So what can we do to bootstrap this thing on a budget?

In this episode, we're diving into exactly that, plus:

  • How to prepare for the un-sexy parts of entrepreneurship (including exactly how much money you should have in the bank) 
  • Why "Do it now!" might be the exact wrong advice for starting your business
  • Nicole's 3 "E"s of budgeting, and how much money you should have for your essentials, end game & extras 
  • The simple (yet brilliant) daily habit Nicole used to pay off her credit card debt (I'm stealing this one!) 
  • A precise method for determining whether you have a business idea or a party trick 

Let's go to the show!

Ep 029 // How to Unleash Your Inner Boss & take Charge of Your Career (Courage)

In this week's edition of the show, I'm sitting down with the energetic, sharp and no-BS Nicole Lapin, author of Boss Bitch, Rich Bitch, host of the television show Hatched, former CNN anchor -- let me summarize: she's pretty freakin' cool. 


Many of us have lots of memories of being cheered on by people who believed in us, hearing reassuring messages that we can just "be ourselves", that we are "special" and born to "stand out". 

But once it's time to grow up and start #adulting, it's so common to be met with an entirely different message -- especially when, like Nicole, you enter an industry full of standards, rigidity and a "this is how we've always done it" mindset.

As an aspiring new anchor, Nicole felt that familiar pressure. Appear older. Wear shoulder pads. Speak with the "news anchor voice". She even had a professor proclaim that, in order to be taken seriously, she should cut her hair short into an "anchor bob".

Once you hear from Nicole in this episode, you'll realize she isn't your typical news anchor (even though she was the youngest anchor at CNN & CNBC, ever -- seriously, she was just 21!) Her hair is long, she speaks like a normal girlfriend over a cup of coffee, and she's no longer on a mission to disguise her age.  

To be it plainly, Nicole stopped trying to overcome herself -- and her audience can't get enough.

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • What to do when you're actually an imposter -- aka, so far outside your comfort zone, you feel as though you're learning a whole new language 
  • How to stop overcoming who you are, and leveraging your true self to find success instead 
  • The importance of money transparency for our professional lives (and how weird it is that we'll tell our girlfriends just about anything -- except our salaries)
  • How to look at failure, and why Nicole is happy it took her a decade to publish a book (with at least 5 rejected ideas along the way)

Ep 028 // How to Know When to Quit Your Business & Find Your Dream Job Instead with Annie Truax (Clarity)

Following the winding path towards freelancing in the fitness world after two major losses in her life, marketing & PR professional Annie Truax did something surprising.

She quit her business to work for someone else.


Today, Annie works for Free to Breathe, a non-profit organization seeking to increase lung cancer survival rates. 

In her early twenties, Annie never could have imagined that lung cancer would turn her whole world upside down.

By seeking meaningful connection to other people through fitness and volunteering, Annie is now dedicating her professional life to the disease that took her parents from her.

Annie's story is incredible, and I'm taking away the following question as a lesson:

"Does joining someone else’s team allow you to go even deeper in the fullest expression of living your values?"

If the answer is YES, sometimes being an entrepreneur isn't the best fit, and there might just be a better arrangement waiting for us if we keep our eyes & hearts open to the possibility. 

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • How to do the work now to invite your dream job into your life 
  • How to create a job for yourself at an organization you'd love to work for
  • How to flipthe script on loss & trauma — and leverage the worst thing that’s ever happened in your life into something meaningful

Ep 027 // How Major Loss Shaped a Quest for Meaningful Work with Annie Truax

On the podcast this week, I've got former corporate marketer turned freelancer turned employee again with a fitness instructor, lung cancer research advocate and my long-time friend, Annie Truax. 


Beware, after listening to this you’re gonna want to stop everything & hug the ones you love!

In this Courage story, Annie shares how two traumatic losses shook her awake in life.

After her experience, she was unable to avoid realizing what is truly important in life, and just how empty her work was --  and thus, her priorities forever shifted.

Before the trauma, she over delivered and was on a mission to please others. After, those same things seemed trivial. 

The questions in Annie's life changed from things like “What apartment am I going to live in? How am I going to please the client?” to “How am I going to be the strongest version of myself for my family? How do I survive this?"

In other words, her life experience rendered her unable to relate to PR clients whose biggest concern in life was whether the napkins were the exact correct color. 

In her healing process, Annie turned to fitness and fell in love with running & teaching classes. This episode captures how Annie was able to take advantage of a new market, show up with her expertise and make a major change to do work she genuinely cares about.

Annie's story is proof of the magic that can happen when you just show up and live in the space of true connection -- connection to your passion, to your craft, to your talents and to other people. 

Then, in the Clarity episode, we're digging into how to join a company that is truly aligned with your values. If you've ever wondered when it's time to quit your business to work for someone else or how to find truly meaningful work on someone else's team, the next episode will be perfect for you. 

Ep 026 // Ideal Clients, "Shiny Object Syndrome" & Why it's Okay to Suck Right Now (Q&A)

Here we are ... halfway through Season 2 of the Courage & Clarity podcast!


I'm having an absolutely blast bringing you one part inspiration and one part instruction from amazing entrepreneurs who are going after what they love in business & in life. 

However, since these conversations have been so action packed, I thought I would pause and huddle up with y'all. 

Recently, on Instagram & on Facebook, I called for questions -- and you guys really delivered! So today, I'm answering your top Q's.

In this episode, you'll hear: 

  • How to decide whether you should start a podcast
  • Putting the "ideal client" debate to rest
  • How to get your very first clients
  • How this podcast is doing so far!
  • How to get OUT of planning mode and INTO action mode
  • What to do about "shiny object syndrome", aka the constant barrage of new ideas
  • .... and the best advice I've ever received! 

PLUS, as a little bonus, I finished the episode off by sharing some things I've been thinking about lately. You may have seen on Instagram I posted a graphic exclaiming, "It's okay if you suck right now." That post BLEW UP and so I wanted to go deeper into what I meant, what I've learned since then and how you can put this into practice in your own life. 

Thank you for the questions, I hope you enjoy the show this week!

Ep 025 // A 3 Step Process to Getting More Sales with Think Creative Collective (Clarity)

In this week's Clarity episode, we're jamming on a tough topic for lots of us: sales.  


You know the scene: You're sitting at the Starbucks, sweaty-palmed, talking your face off with a client you'd love to work with, hoping and praying they are picking up what you're putting down.

And then, the moment comes: it's time to sell. You hold your breath and name your price, worried that they'll get up and walk away right there. 

I've been in that Starbucks scenario so many times, and I get the heeby jeebies just thinking about it. 

That's why I love this conversation with Emylee & Abagail. They're sharing exactly what we need to tweak in order to make more sales -- and to take the fear factor out of these conversations. 

In this action-packed, 20 minute conversation, Emylee & Abbie spill: 

  • Three big steps to generating MORE sales (easier, simpler & less intimidating than you think!)
  • How to educate your clients on the value you offer vs. having to make pitches and convince them to work with you 
  • How to help your clients see you as a mind reader (and therefore, the perfect person to trust!)
  • A stress-free approach to talking about money with clients 
  • Some tough love, which will help you get out of your own way and make more sales! 


Ep 024 // How to find a co-founder, test your relationship & go all in with Think Creative Collective (Courage)

This week's Courage & Clarity conversations are double the fun as I'm joined by not one, but two brilliant business ladies: Emylee Williams & Abagail Pumphrey, the founds of Think Creative Collective.


Emylee & Abagail are the brains behind this strategy powerhouse which offers courses, a podcast and lots of clarity for frazzled entrepreneurs who want to get more sh*t done.

But of course, there's more to this story than a couple of bosses who've got it all figured out. 

Emylee dropped out of graduate school two weeks before her program began and originally thought she'd own a cupcake business. 

Abagail climbed the corporate ladder in the web design world only to be laid off from work. 

In this episode these two spill all the details of their individual paths to doing meaningful work on their own terms, including lots of bumps & bruises along the way. 

My favorite part, though, is how they decided to come together. 

After joining forces to run a webinar together, the two sat on the floor of Abagail's home office and realized their values & aspirations were so similar -- and, that they had a blast building cool stuff together. Think Creative Collective was born.

In addition to these inspiring stories, you'll hear: 

  • How Emylee went from making next to nothing as a photographer for a year, to walking out of a client's house with a $1500 check 
  • How the two completely overhauled their business model -- which allowed them both to take January completely off, and both have only worked part time so far in 2017
  • What to look for in a co-founder relationship, and how to test it out before going "all in" 


Ep 023 // Identify Your Strengths & Create a Unique Business with Katie Proctor (CLARITY)

Have you ever found yourself wondering with questions like:

 "How do I figure out what I'm really good at?"

"What are my strengths?"

"How do other people see me?"

"How do I create a business that's uniquely me?"

We've all asked these questions a million times over because it's hard to see ourselves as others see us. 

Sometimes when we're really good at something, when it comes easily to us, it doesn't even feel like a strength. The truth is, other people can't do that thing like you can. So in today's Clarity episode, we talk about exactly how to leverage "your thing".


Here's what we get into today, and guys, it's a juicy one:

  • Why getting better at your weaknesses is bad advice, and what you should do instead to grow exponentially 
  • Where burnout REALLY comes from, and how knowing + using your strengths prevents it
  • How to figure out what you're even good at in the first place
  • How to use your unique strengths to differentiate your business
  • How to take your top strengths & translate them into actual revenue

We also talk about a real example of one of Katie's big strengths, and how she made a shift in her business model to capitalize on that. 

After you listen, I'd love to hear from you on instagram: Do you think you should try to improve your weaknesses? OR is it better to cut your losses and go all in on your strengths? 

Ep 022 // How to Stop "Chasing Next" with Katie Proctor (COURAGE)

In this week's Courage story, Katie Proctor shares her journey from a corporate marketer, to health & fitness coaching to where she is today -- helping fellow Registered Dietitians create thriving businesses.  


In this episode, Katie shares:

  • How she faced the harsh realization that corporate wasn't for her, even after spending lots of time & money getting her MBA
  • How incorporating her own fitness transformation into her coaching powered her business
  • Exactly how to get your partner on board with your business dreams, and the key to handling personal relationships as an entrepreneur 
  • The importance of sharing ourselves authentically, and what's at risk if we don't start hitting publish 

In addition, Katie and I jam on the idea of being brave for just 5 seconds at a time, and how we've both found our entire lives have shifted when we push ourselves to publish scary things.

There's so much to learn here from Katie's ability to recognize she was "chasing next" -- next job, next degree, next pat on the back for doing a "good job". 

Today, instead of seeking praise and significance from large companies that may or may not validate her, Katie has built her own platform for sharing her message and she's carved out a space where she can be an influencer. 

It's a great story -- and next up, Katie joins me in Episode 23 to talk about finding your strengths and using them to create a business that's as unique as you are. 

Ep 021 // Things I'm Afraid to Tell You: Losing My Brother

Today's episode is one I'm both excited and totally terrified to share with you. 

It's me, alone on the microphone, opening up about the hardest and most unthinkable thing I've ever dealt with. 

In this very-close-to-my-heart episode, I'm sharing: 

  • A traumatic, tragic loss I've experienced in my life recently and my current thoughts & feelings
  • The perspective I've gained from hardship and how we can challenge ourselves to live our best lives
  • A before-and-after glimpse into how a family trip to Ireland deepened my healing
  • 3 things grief has taught me that apply to career & business
  • A powerful & moving excerpt from my journal and the message in my heart about grief

In case you'd like to read the words from my journal, here they are in written format. 

Per Jess Lively's "writing to your intuition" exercise, I asked myself the following question: 

Why do I feel this is the episode I need to share? 

Here was my unedited, un-analyzed gut reaction (I arrived here by just writing without thinking too much):

"Your life is not the shiny perfect image that people might see. You are not perfectly courageous and composed. There is so much suffering, and you are afraid. You do not know how the events of the past year will manifest in terms of your family. 
Questions weigh heavier on your heart than your mind allows you to truly explore. It is too traumatic to completely comprehend. As such, everything (including career) is impacted. There are positives and negatives to this. The negatives are perhaps more obvious — there is stress, bad dreams, unexplained and unexpected tear-filled moments, your anger flairs up in a way that feels out of control. This is all related to the unprocessed mountain of emotion that sits in your heart like a knot. 
Importantly, do not rush to untie this knot. You cannot untie this knot without the right tools. You do not have all of those tools today, nor do you have all of the puzzle pieces to know how. Instead, this is a project that will be unraveled piece by piece, over time, and there is nothing you can do to speed this process except try to be open to your truth.
You know exactly what I mean: it’s that back-and-forth you have in your own mind about whether it is safe to hear your heart’s voice. Sometimes that voice will tell you scary things, or sad things that make you cry. I am here to say IT IS SAFE.
More than just safe, it is everything to hear your heart’s voice. Do not be afraid. Or rather, be afraid, but listen anyway. Cry when it hurts. Show yourself and show up. The only thing you have to do is be open and be light. Do not try to be more than exactly what you are, right now."

Ep 019 // Your Life's Purpose, Simplicity & World Travels with a Family (Tsh Oxenreider, Courage)

We've all heard about "the dream" of a nomadic lifestyle, working anywhere in the world with an internet connection from the comfort of our laptops. 

But what about those of us with, you know, families and stuff?


Tsh is a writer, podcaster and a coach focused on the angle of living simply and unconventionally. She's been running a blog for 9 years called The Art of Simple, hosts a podcast called The Simple Show, and is the author of a book coming out this month, At Home in the World. 

In this week's Courage story, Tsh tells us all about how she and her husband found themselves in Turkey, a completely foreign country, and how her anxiety and discomfort led her to writing as a creative outlet.

From this scary experience, her blog was born -- and now she's been at it for nearly a decade. 

Tsh and her husband spent five years devising a plan to save up enough cash to take their whole family on the road -- including their three young children.

What happened over that year is truly inspiring, and might have you rethinking what you'd like your life to look like. 

In this episode you'll hear:

  • The fears Tsh faced when she decided to take both her family and her business on the road 
  • What it means to live simply according to your own unique life's purpose (and each of us may have our own definition of "simplicity")
  • A new, refreshing spin on what it takes to be "an expert"
  • How Tsh has stayed engaged in her area of expertise for close to 10 years, despite some lackluster moments

Enjoy this episode, and then join us in Episode 20 where Tsh shares the exact steps she took to take her business & family on the road for a year! 

Ep 020 // Exactly How to Take Your Business & Family on the Road with Tsh Oxenreider (Clarity)

In Episode 19, you heard about Tsh's inspiring story of taking her family of five and her business around the world for a year. 

In this episode, we're getting into the nitty gritty of how the heck this actually works and what preparations to consider for a major lifestyle shift like this one.


In this episode, Tsh reveals: 

  • How to plan for a year around the world, including how much money she saved up and how long it took 
  • What systems and fail-safes to implement in your business before you hit the road 
  • How this works with young children, including education & the balance between action & relaxation
  • What one thing she would have done differently with her travels & business

At this exact moment, I'm traveling around Ireland in a minivan with my entire family, including my 10 month old baby girl! Tsh totally inspired me to go with the flow and keep my perspective open when it comes to business, family and travel.