5 Game-Changing Strategies for Hosting Wildly Profitable Webinars with Amy Porterfield

I’m beyond excited to introduce Episode 100’s super special guest, Amy Porterfield!  

Amy's voice is one of the few mainstays I'd hear coming through my car speakers during my commute to my corporate job every day in 2014, when what I do today was only a dream. So to say that this interview was a surreal experience would be a huge understatement. 

Besides hosting her own top-rated podcast, Amy teaches entrepreneurs and business owners how to use online marketing strategies so they can sell with ease.


In the COURAGE half of the episode you’ll hear:

* How scary it was for Amy to leave her “dream job” with Tony Robbins to start her own business
* That she wasn’t an overnight success and didn’t have huge course launches right away
* A story she hasn’t shared before that was pivotal to her career change (I just know this one will strike a cord with so many of you)

In the CLARITY half, hear Amy’s best advice to create, present and profit from webinars!

Here’s just a little taste of what we get into:

* Why Amy's sure that webinars are the best way to launch an online course or program
* The ONE thing you must have in your webinar
* Questions to ask yourself before you start building your slides
* The teaching method Amy uses in her own webinars
* When to invite people (and what to do after the webinar is over!)
* How to get people to show up live

Friends, this episode is a truly special one for me. I can’t wait to hear what you resonates with in this episode!