Productivity Your Way: 3 Ways Megan Seeley Customizes the 15 Minute Planner Method

This week I'm so excited to welcome my friend and coaching student, Megan Seeley -- The Goal Designer!


Megan is an anti-productivity coach for moms. She challenges them to live a life of radical non-guilt, and teaches them to strategically carve out time for themselves. 

Megan is very much in the middle of her own Courage story, and she shares her entrepreneurial journey vulnerably. After re-arranging her entire life to be a stay at home mom only to realize it wasn't for her, Megan knew she had to discover her purpose. 

In the Clarity part of the episode, Megan shares her 3 tips for combining traditional paper planners with the 15 Minute Planner Method. 

If you love the 15 Minute Planner Method but are seeking a way to customize it and truly make it your own, you'll love this episode with Megan! 

Show Notes: