How To Sell Out a Group Program with Zero Audience with Kristine Newman (ep 102)

Meet Kristine Newman, one of my students and new online business owner at  In this episode, she shares how she went from a practically non-existent following to running her own group coaching program in two weeks. 

Yep, you read that right, two weeks!

This episode brings relief to any newbie entrepreneurs who worry they won’t make any money until they have 10,000 or more followers.

Courage and Clari

In the Courage half we discuss:

  • The terrifying rock-climbing accident that halted Kristine's ability to work on her feet
  • The sad decision to sell her family practice three years after the injury
  • Why she decided to take her passion for health care online 

Then, in the Clarity part we get deep into her group program success:

  • My answer when she asked to copy my group coaching program outline
  • How she created excitement and interest in her tiny Facebook group through a week long challenge
  • How quickly she filled six spots in her group coaching program
  • Why it feels “easy and effortless”

If you've ever felt discouraged about finding a large enough audience to make money from your passion, this episode is for you!