Thinking of Launching a Course? 4 Ways to Know When You're Ready (ep. 104)

This is part-one of a two-part series that details how I launched my first course, Crickets to Customers! 

Now that I've officially wrapped up the launch I'm going to share my biggest takeaways from the process.

I always knew I wanted to create my own course, and after helping clients in one-on-one and group coaching scenarios, I figured out what I could base mine on.


In this Courage episode I dig into four main points:


Why courses?

  • How a well built course can get your work out to a much larger amount of people vs one on one settings (we all have a dream to help the masses, right?)

How to know when the timing is right

  • How I knew it was time + the right expectations to have before you begin
  • Why it’s best to wait until you have some traction

The pros & cons of launching a course

  • Why it’s harder to hold people accountable + how I’ve managed to have incredible results with student participation
  • How to incentivize your students to do the work
  • Why more content isn’t  always a good thing when developing your course materials

Developing the materials

  • How to decide the steps to teach
  • What I did when I hit a brick wall with the overwhelming pile of content I had in front of me 

Next week I’ll be back to cover the second part and more tactical side of launching Crickets to Customers!