Backstage Pass: Tools, Tech & Exact Process for a $40k Course Launch

If there’s one thing I love, it’s opening the curtain to allow a sneak peak behind the scenes of what it takes to be successful in doing something that you love.

In this backstage pass style episode, I’m giving you the real tactics I used to have a $40k course launch.

Backstage Pass_ Tools, Tech & Exact Process for a $40k Course Launch.png

This Clarity episode covers:


  • Why I ended up having a pre-sale even when I had zero plans or desire to do so
  • How I stayed in the flow and connected with my community which built trust and eventually meant more sales
  • The exact method I used to get 37 pre-sale students in 72 hours

Challenges + Webinars

  • How I build a buzz and warm up my people with a fun and results driven 5 day challenge
  • How a massive technical issue during my first webinar actually ended up working in my favor
  • How I created a tight, no fluff and super valuable webinar that my community loved

Tech & Back-end

  • The three user-friendly platforms I used to build and market Crickets to Customers
  • Plus the new tactic I use in my email provider to gather valuable data for future course launches

Producing the Course

  • Why I’m creating each module one week at a time and what it means for future launches
  • My promise that you don’t need technical know how to create impressive video content
  • I’ll let you peek into how I have a comfortable natural delivery in my videos
  • I answer the question if you need fancy or expensive equipment

Moving Forward

  • How I keep it playful and fun
  • Why Crickets to Customers is key part of my business that will be launched again in future