Is Your Dream Really Possible?

Do you ever feel terrified of your big dreams?  Scared because if they don’t come true you’ll be devastated?

I think we’ve all been there.  And lately I’ve heard a common theme around this develop in the C&C community, my Instagram and even with my 1:1 coaching clients.  

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When we’re scared our dreams might not come true, we place conditions on them. “I’ll give this ten years to work, or I’ll go back to that career I didn’t really love”. We create backup plans and time constraints on our businesses. This energy of not being “all-in” is like telling your business you don’t believe in it 100%

I know with Courage & Clarity that once I committed fully, let go of the “how” and came to terms with the fact that it would be messy and uncomfortable at times - my business transformed!

So when you’ve got big dreams, you’ve got to let go of the conditions you put on your dreams and replace them with some faith and trust.

Like I’ve talked about so many times on this show before, if you keep showing up, you’ll get whatever you’re dreaming of.

I promise, when you’re all in, focus your energy and move forward with steady actions, The Universe will conspire on your behalf. You don’t get to choose the “how” - you just need to show up and believe.

I get pretty deep into mindset and energy talk, but don’t worry, I didn’t leave the brass tacks out of this episode.  I’ve also included:

  • 8 key points for you to consider when going after your dreams.

  • An easy and fun tactic that helped me fill the pre-sale of my first course launch

I loved recording this episode for you all, as I reflect on my journey to building C&C into what it is today and dreaming of all it will become.

By the end of listening to this I want you to not only realize that your dream is possible, but that it’s already on its way to you!