One Easy Secret for Creating Content on Multiple Platforms

Do you struggle with coming up for content for multiple platforms week after week in your business?

There’s some marketing gurus out there who insist you need to show up on every possible platform.  Instagram. Facebook. Pinterest. Twitter. And don’t forget about your email list!

When we spread ourselves too far and thin, the quality of work is diluted and it’s too easy to end up feeling drained and uninspired.

Today’s solo episode will help with the common challenge of “what the heck should I create for them this week?”

Ep 110 One Easy Secret for Creating Content Across Multiple Platforms (1).png

I’m going to let you in on a super simple secret so you can create engaging content for your audience, easily and across multiple platforms.

After listening to this episode, I want you to sit and take a good look at the different corners of the Internet where you offer content and ask yourself these questions:

  • Why are you there?

  • What is each platform’s purpose?

  • Do you feel pulled in too many directions? If so, it’s time to let one go

When you follow the tip I share today, you’ll know what to post and where each week - without reinventing the wheel!