How We Sold Out a Live Event (Bizdom Retreat Recap)

The first ever Bizdom Retreat is a wrap!  But before parting ways, Steph and Megan couldn’t resist getting together one more time. Rather than their usual Skype calls, they’re in the same room to record how it all went down.  

You’ll hear the backstory of how the first ten episodes “Bizdom” came to be.  Nope, it wasn’t a long thought out strategic plan. It was born from the simple idea that your work should feel fun.  

Ep 112 How We Sold Out a Live Event (1).png

As they look back on the path leading up to the retreat you’ll hear:

  • Steph’s initial reaction to Megan’s idea of leading this retreat (the story may surprise you!)

  • How they sold out every spot, without fancy funnels or advanced marketing techniques

  • A particularly magical story of how one of the retreat members made it there

  • What it was like to take the leap and book the non-refundable house

The success of the Bizdom Retreat is proof that one of the best sales techniques is when you show up sincerely and with real value for your customers.