How to Build a Viral Community Anchor with Cailen Ascher

Cailen Ascher is a business and lifestyle coach whose name has become synonymous with the 3 Day Work Week.  

Imagine growing your business and making more money while working less hours.  Sound impossible? Cailen will show you it’s completely do-able with her powerhouse community anchor.

Today we’re chatting about where the idea for her 3 Day Work Week came from and how she leveraged it to build her incredible brand!


In Cailen’s Courage story you’ll hear:

  • Why she designed and used the 3 Day Work Week in her own business before turning it into a wildly successful community anchor

  • How she doubled her income while working half the hours  (seriously, do the math on that, it’s a business owners dream!)

In the Clarity half of the episode you’ll hear:

  • Why working less hours doesn’t automatically mean a pay cut

  • A/B Weeks and how they benefit not only you but your clients

  • How she developed a course and program around her community anchor

Today’s episode centers around a topic I’m super passionate about. It’s pure magic when you listen to your audience and build something they actually want!

Show Notes: