The Keys to Freedom as an Entrepreneur with Jessica Eley

If you’re like me and most entrepreneurs, you dream of success and living a happy life on your own terms.  But how do you achieve this if every step of your journey you have to battle your own old programming?

Success doesn’t make everything better. You need to learn how to enjoy the process too.

So today Jessica Eley is back on the show! She’s a mindset coach for high achievers (did I mention she’s also my coach?) with an abundance of wisdom that I know you’re going to love.

You’ll  hear about my specific challenges when it comes to mindset and how I’m working through them (no secrets here!).


Today we’re diving into Jessica’s four quadrants theory to find out what fear is holding us back from the life and biz we want.

Once you know where you land, this episode explains how to address your triggered reactions in a mindful and productive way.

Plus we discuss why all entrepreneurs need to master the skills of detachment and ownership in order to not only succeed, but to enjoy their success!

You can head over to Jessica’s site and take her quiz here.

Show Notes