Things "Successful Entrepreneurs" Don't Talk About

What kind of success are you chasing in your business right now?  To finally make x amount of income, or hit a certain number of subscribers on your email list?  Maybe it’s to sell out your course or coaching program.

The hope is: hit your external goals and everything will be great.  Your worries will go away. Stress will disappear!

If this sounds about right, it’s time for a reality check.


Steph and Megan are back on Courage and Clarity, spilling all of their truths.  They take an honest look back on the highs and lows they’ve experienced in 2018. While this year has brought on multitudes of outward success for them both, you’ll hear how that didn’t magically make their struggles go away.

It’s important as entrepreneurs that you hear the other side of the story.

In Megan’s Courage Story You’ll Hear:

  • Why 2018 was one of the most vulnerable and difficult years of her life

  • How she lead her largest group of women yet in Wild and Holy, with her husband deployed and two children under two at home

  • That despite her business hitting financial goals, she struggled personally

  • How she found her way back into the flow

In Steph’s Courage Story You’ll Hear How She:

  • Experienced huge success in only ten short months which brought up a fear of rising stakes

  • Hit all of her “best” revenue goals, but fear still crept in

  • Battles with the story line that you have to work really hard and really long to see success  

  • Worries that all of a sudden her “beginner’s luck” is going to run out

Both Megan and Steph share what inner work they focus on to meet these struggles and challenges and how you can too. Plus learn why good, better, best goals are essential in your business and how you can join Megan’s free training to master them.

Show Notes