Selling is Easy! How to Overcome the Fear of Sales

I hate sales.  I swear I hear these three words (or a variation of them) on a weekly basis.

Which is really a shame, because in order to make that dream business of yours a reality? You’re going to have to make some sales. 

Today on this first ever live episode, I’m breaking down all of the fears associated with selling - and giving my absolute best tips and tricks to sell with ease.   

Let’s transform the vision we have of selling from cheesy sales person to effortless value provider.  Sounds good right?


This action-packed episode is broken down into 5 parts:

  • Why it’s so important to be thinking of selling as easy

  • The number one thing that will kill your sales and how to fix it

  • A real-life example of how effortless selling can be

  • Six shifts from sucky selling to easy selling so you can go from feeling crappy to in flow

  • 15 Supportive Affirmations to use when you’re stuck in the fear of selling

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Show Notes: