More Than a Plan: 5 Ways to Actually Accomplish Goals

Welcome to Accountability Month!

It’s a timely topic for this time of the year – as the fresh energy and shininess of the New Year fades into the reality that is… life.

Today I’m sharing 5 great tips to help you set the right kind of goals, and hit them even when everyday life throws its normal curve balls at you.

Because no matter how well you plan, you can’t be ready for every distraction. So let’s normalize this reality (instead of feeling shame or that we’re not good enough)


 You’ll get lots of Clarity from this episode as I cover:

1)      What is accountability and how is does it differ from motivation? (plus why it’s so important you know the difference)

2)      Chunking down bigger goals + how to implement weekly habits to make steady progress on them.

3)      How to Measure Progress so that you don’t feel like you’re just going around in circles!

4)      Good Better Best - a simple framework to set healthier goals that will have you celebrating more often and seeing more success.

5)      Sharing with someone - why having an accountability partner is crucial as you build your business.

Laying out your business plans is only a small part of the big picture. Follow the five tips in this episode so you can pull those plans into reality!

Show Notes