So You Flopped: Should You Rework It Or Scrap It & Move On?

Well friends, the Fix a Flop Series is a wrap!

Today’s episode brings it all home with my biggest lessons and learnings from this process. Most importantly, I’ll let you know how you can learn from my mistakes and be ready to take on challenges like this with a lighter attitude and a better chance of success!


When do you decide to scrap your idea and move on? What's energy got to do with your ability to have a successful launch? Why is it so important that you know your worst case scenario?

I’ve loved sharing the behind the scenes with you about what it really takes to turn a failing product launch around.

The final episode in this series will let you know:

  • My final sign up results of my 90 Day Planner Intensive (and remember - I was starting at zero after a jam packed webinar on day one of my launch week!)

  • What allowed me to make the critical changes needed to affect the final outcome

  • Why accepting your worst scenario is non-negotiable when you’re up against a possible flop

  • My answer to a question that's come up a lot since this series began - “Steph - I put something out there and heard crickets. When should I just scrap my idea and move on?”

Plus the biggest lesson I'll take with me out of this whole process... and how it will shape how I work in the future!

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The Fix a Flop Series:

Episode 1 “How to Know You’re Headed For a Flop”

Episode 2 “How Exactly to Fix a Failing Product Launch”

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