7 Steps To Making Your Dream Come True With Christine McAlister

I’m super excited to welcome today’s guest, Christine McAlister!

Christine is a business coach (lifewithpassion.com) who helps high-achieving, motivated women leave their 9-5 jobs and achieve their big business dreams.  In fact, she’s helped over 70% of them successfully move on from their corporate jobs and into running their own successful businesses. (Sounds pretty great, right?)

How does she do it?  By helping them believe that they can actually do it. Because until you reach that point - fear’s going to hold you back and keep you safe and complacent.

If you feel stuck in a “good enough” job but you can’t quite figure out why, this episode and Christine’s wisdom is for you!


In the Courage part of Christine’s story you’ll hear:

  • How she found herself with piles of student loan debt and no desire to return to the career path she was previously in.

  • The tragedy in her life that helped her see that the traditional rules she was playing by just didn’t make sense anymore.  After this incident, she knew nothing could hurt her worse than she had already been hurt.

  • What happened after she asked herself “how do I really want to spend my days” - and how her successful business came to be

This Clarity section is jam-packed!

Christine skips the fluff and gives tons of actionable advice for you.  She outlines the exact seven steps she takes her clients through to go from suffering through a ho-hum day job to building a businesses they adore. Ones that aren’t only financially stable,  but in alignment with the ideal life her clients want to create!

I won’t list them all seven steps here (you’ve got to tune in for all the details!)  But I’ll let you know that it all begins with a decision that yes, you’re worth it and you can make your dream business a reality.

Show Notes