Make Selling Easier With This One Simple Concept

Today’s episode is all about sales that feel good, are aligned and even FUN.  Let’s leave the sleazy, forced and uncomfortable selling behind!

Why do I have sales on the brain?

Because I’ve put together a brand new 5 day challenge - Selling Made Simple.   In just five days you’ll have real clarity on what you’re selling and who you’re selling to!

Who is this challenge for?  Business owners who:

  • Are just getting started and need direction

  • Already have their biz but are ready for selling to feel easier

  • Are decent at sales but want to get even better at it!


This solo episode is broken into five parts:

Why Selling Feels Hard - and the critical error I see biz owners make over and over

The Better Way To Sell -  how to become empowered in your selling and take the pressure of convincing people to buy away for good

Storytelling As A Way Of Selling - I’ll explain the one missing puzzle piece to have this advice give you more results than ever before

My (Possibly) Controversial Opinion On Ideal Customer Avatars - do you really need one to succeed in your business?


The #1 Thing You Need to Get Crystal Clear On To Sell With Ease - learn what it is and why it’s the core of my Selling Made Simple Challenge

The Selling Made Simple Challenge runs April 8-12th 2019 - will you join us?

Show Notes