How This Mom Of Four Sold Out Her First Group Program

I love interviewing my students to share their inspiring success stories!  Today I’m chatting with Meghan Chomut, Certified Financial Planner, super-mom of four (!) and Crickets to Customers alumni.

Megan’s story is sure to uplift you.  She’ll show you just what’s possible when you listen to what your customers really want and take steady steps towards launching a group program.


In 2017, Meghan unexpectedly found herself applying for new jobs in her career field of financial planning. Even with ten years of experience, she quickly realized- if she was going to work for another company, she had to start at the bottom and work her way up.

This was just the push she needed to start her own business and begin her journey of online entrepreneurship.  Living in a city in Northern Canada, face to face networking opportunities were slim. But Meghan took it upon herself to reach out to others in her field online and get to know them.  She even joined a Mastermind, and leveraged the power of having a community rallying around you.

In Meghan’s Clarity Story You’ll Hear:

  • Why she wanted to transition from 1:1 work to group programs

  • How she used Crickets to Customers to design an effective community anchor

  • What her expectations were of taking the course

  • Exactly how she sold out her first group program within months of finishing C2C

Meghan’s story is proof that when you commit expanding beyond your comfort zone, and take action on your dreams - you can achieve great things.

This success story is super timely, as I’m re-opening the doors to my signature program Crickets to Customers on April 12, 2019! Click here to join the Crickets to Customers wait list.

Show Notes