What To Do When You Can't Find Your Voice (Bizdom Episode w/Megan Hale)

You know you have an important message to share.  Your people need to hear from you.

You may have gone through seasons where it was easy to put yourself out there consistently, or maybe you’re just getting started.

What can you do when you’re stuck and lose your voice?  When you just need to hit send or publish and… you freeze up.

Today’s bizdom episode is a vulnerable and honest conversation between Steph and Megan Hale that listeners will instantly relate to.


Today’s conversation weaves between Steph and Megan’s shared experiences creating content.  Megan opens up about the 15 month break she’s taken from podcasting and what fears are coming up for her now that she’s getting ready to launch a new season.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The risk of putting too much pressure on ourselves

  • Why you don’t have to be an expert to show up and be heard

  • How to show up courageously for your audience, even if you’re just a few steps ahead of them

  • Why doing it messy is essential

If you’re facing resistance and fear when you try to get your voice out there, know that you’re not alone. This conversation will be the motivation you need to show up bravely and put your work out there!

Show Notes