What You Can Learn From Asking "Nosy" Or "Rude" Money Questions With Claire Pelletreau

If you’ve been around the Courage & Clarity podcast for long enough, you may remember that one of my first guests was Claire Pelletreau. Today, she’s back and we get into all sorts of good stuff around business and money.


Claire is the host of the Get Paid Podcast, and has an unmatched curiosity and ability to ask the tough questions that not many others are willing to ask. In the past five years she’s grown her Facebook Ads consulting business and she has so much experience to share.

Claire and I get real in this episode about the truth behind those “six figure businesses” you keep hearing about + she spills the #1 reason she raised her rates after many years. Plus, we get into her own early money mindset story, and how she went from scared and scarcity focused to confident and unafraid to talk about, and make great money.

Show Notes