How To Get That "Fresh New Business" Feeling (Without Starting A Brand New Business)

Do you often ask yourself “what’s next!?” when it comes to your biz?

Today I'm sharing my personal experience of trying ALL the business things in 2018. In 2019, I've slowed down, become deliberate and focused on refreshing my existing projects in 2019.

I realized after an incredible year of trying multiple business offerings (1:1 client work, group programs, retreats, courses … the list goes on!)

I’m now ready to focus in on the best offerings and make them even better.

If you feel like your business is a treadmill of never ending new project ideas OR it feels stale and needs a refresh - this episode is for you!


If you’ve been around the Courage & Clarity Community for a little while now, you know that my year didn’t get off to the best start.

Normally I’m ready to hit January hard with goals that stick and a guiding word to lead me forward.

This year, not so much.

I gave myself some space and grace and knew when the time was right, my word and motivation would come to me. It took three months, but after a mastermind get together with my closest business pals, I had my word: DEEPER!

I’m usually all about starting the next project, trying out the next idea.

But 2019, and this podcast episode is all about tactical ways to bring fresh elements to an existing project. Now I ask myself: how can I get even better at past content and creations without starting all over again?

If you normally start new projects because they’re shiny, seemingly easier and fresh, have a listen to this episode and then ask yourself:

How can I go deeper with what I already have?

And when you have your answer, head over to The Courage & Clarity Community and share your answers with all of us!

Show Notes