Plan Your Most Productive Week In 15 Minutes (& Actually Get Stuff Done)

I’m super excited to revisit today’s Summer Series episode – all about my 15 Minute Planner Method!

Why all the excitement? Not only was this *the* community anchor that changed the course of Courage & Clarity forever – but I also have a freshly updated version of it for you to download!

Get your hands on the brand new design here:

I created The 15 Minute Planner based off of direct feedback from my audience AND my own personal experiences. This episode is a refresher course on how to plan and organize your week with:

  • Structure to get the right things done instead of waking up wondering what to work on

  • Flexibility to account for real life and the surprises it throws at you

  • Prioritization of the important tasks that often gets pushed aside


A Lesson in Productivity

If you’ve ever felt like you’re busy all the time but don’t get enough done, the following analogy will help you see why.

If you were to fill a jar with rocks, pebbles and sand, the only way for them all to fit would be to add them in that exact order. Try it any other way, and the same amount simply won’t fit.

Now, let’s take those items and assign a type of task for each:

Rocks are your commitments and pre-scheduled appointments. They are time bound, and you’ve said yes to them. These could be business related or personal, such as meetings or doctor’s appointments.

Pebbles are the GBAs growth-based actions of your business. Examples are writing blog articles, creating products, recording podcasts. These tasks have no timeline. Because of this, they feel optional – exciting but not urgent.

Sand is your administrative work.. They’re recurring baseline tasks like email, social media and chores. You always have to do them, but they’re never done! We often see them as urgent obligations that we have to tend to consistently.

Where we tend to go wrong…

If you spend the majority of your week showing up to your Rock commitments and getting the busy work or your admin Sand done - you won’t have time left for your pebbles aka GBAs! Just like the jar, your tasks won’t fit.

The 15 Minute Planner Method shows you how to prioritize the right actions in your business, every week, without fail.

New for 2019!

My updated 15 Minute Planner download includes not only a new beautiful, easier to read format, but also a fillable PDF version! This is perfect if you’d like to print out the worksheet each week OR type right into the document (for all my digital planner lovers out there!)

If you’d like a beautiful, illustrated version of this worksheet, just go to and download your own copy today.

Show Notes