Ep 026 // Ideal Clients, "Shiny Object Syndrome" & Why it's Okay to Suck Right Now (Q&A)

Here we are ... halfway through Season 2 of the Courage & Clarity podcast!


I'm having an absolutely blast bringing you one part inspiration and one part instruction from amazing entrepreneurs who are going after what they love in business & in life. 

However, since these conversations have been so action packed, I thought I would pause and huddle up with y'all. 

Recently, on Instagram & on Facebook, I called for questions -- and you guys really delivered! So today, I'm answering your top Q's.

In this episode, you'll hear: 

  • How to decide whether you should start a podcast
  • Putting the "ideal client" debate to rest
  • How to get your very first clients
  • How this podcast is doing so far!
  • How to get OUT of planning mode and INTO action mode
  • What to do about "shiny object syndrome", aka the constant barrage of new ideas
  • .... and the best advice I've ever received! 

PLUS, as a little bonus, I finished the episode off by sharing some things I've been thinking about lately. You may have seen on Instagram I posted a graphic exclaiming, "It's okay if you suck right now." That post BLEW UP and so I wanted to go deeper into what I meant, what I've learned since then and how you can put this into practice in your own life. 

Thank you for the questions, I hope you enjoy the show this week!