Ep 027 // How Major Loss Shaped a Quest for Meaningful Work with Annie Truax

On the podcast this week, I've got former corporate marketer turned freelancer turned employee again with a fitness instructor, lung cancer research advocate and my long-time friend, Annie Truax. 


Beware, after listening to this you’re gonna want to stop everything & hug the ones you love!

In this Courage story, Annie shares how two traumatic losses shook her awake in life.

After her experience, she was unable to avoid realizing what is truly important in life, and just how empty her work was --  and thus, her priorities forever shifted.

Before the trauma, she over delivered and was on a mission to please others. After, those same things seemed trivial. 

The questions in Annie's life changed from things like “What apartment am I going to live in? How am I going to please the client?” to “How am I going to be the strongest version of myself for my family? How do I survive this?"

In other words, her life experience rendered her unable to relate to PR clients whose biggest concern in life was whether the napkins were the exact correct color. 

In her healing process, Annie turned to fitness and fell in love with running & teaching classes. This episode captures how Annie was able to take advantage of a new market, show up with her expertise and make a major change to do work she genuinely cares about.

Annie's story is proof of the magic that can happen when you just show up and live in the space of true connection -- connection to your passion, to your craft, to your talents and to other people. 

Then, in the Clarity episode, we're digging into how to join a company that is truly aligned with your values. If you've ever wondered when it's time to quit your business to work for someone else or how to find truly meaningful work on someone else's team, the next episode will be perfect for you.