Ep 030 // How to Prepare Financially for Entrepreneurship with Nicole Lapin (Clarity)

In the second half of my conversation with best-selling author and former CNN & CNBC anchor Nicole Lapin, we're getting real about finances.


You might be itching to become an entrepreneur because of all the perks, but what about the cash? Do you have enough to make it on your own?

As Nicole tells us in this episode, the best entrepreneurs are scrappy. It's easy to fantasize over investors throwing cash at you a la Shark Tank, but that kind of start-up money means you basically have a boss.

So what can we do to bootstrap this thing on a budget?

In this episode, we're diving into exactly that, plus:

  • How to prepare for the un-sexy parts of entrepreneurship (including exactly how much money you should have in the bank) 
  • Why "Do it now!" might be the exact wrong advice for starting your business
  • Nicole's 3 "E"s of budgeting, and how much money you should have for your essentials, end game & extras 
  • The simple (yet brilliant) daily habit Nicole used to pay off her credit card debt (I'm stealing this one!) 
  • A precise method for determining whether you have a business idea or a party trick 

Let's go to the show!