Ep 031 // Yes, You Can Keep Going with Sarah K. Peck (Courage)

In this week's edition, I've got Sarah K. Peck on the microphone with me! Sarah is an author, startup advisor and yoga instructor based in New York City. She's the founder and executive director of Startup Pregnant, and at this point in her career she's written around 700 essays.(!)


Guys, I truly love and adore every single episode of this show that I've had the privilege to produce. Maybe it's the exact place I'm at in my own life right now as mama to a one year old, but I am really in love with this conversation.

I hope it inspires you, challenges you and lifts you up all at the same time, because that's exactly what happened to me. 

A few big points we dive into: 

  • How to find and understand your core identity -- aka, who you really are, in just a handful of words
  • The time Sarah broke her foot in college, and the huge lesson that applies to business 
  • Why a "just this once" mentality will screw us up, and leads us to a path of excuses 
  • The two habit muscles we are always strengthening -- and which one you definitely want to be focusing on 
  • Why "waste" and "rest" are not the same -- and how rest is actually an investment in our careers
  • How to stop feeling guilty about doing things that feel good to us 
  • Why Sarah will take her shirt off and shake her boobies around (wait... what?)

Some of my very favorite quotes from this episode: 

“The true test of perserverance and resilience, the people who make it through their 20 mile march are the ones who look at that moment when they COULD make an excuse and they say I’m choosing to do it anyways” 

“You’re either strengthening the muscle that makes excuses, or you’re strengthening the muscle that does it anyways” 

“The person who wins, the person who makes it happen isn’t the person who has some magical better circumstances than you” 

Then, in the Clarity episode, we're talking about a precise process for way better decision making in our businesses & our lives. Can't wait for you to hear this!