Ep 032 // A 4-Pronged Approach to Better Decision Making with Sarah K Peck (Clarity)

After Sarah's Courage story, now we're getting down to business and talking about some real grown-up stuff: making better decisions in our businesses. 


If you feel like a crazy person, jumping around from thing to thing without accomplishing any one task, this episode is for you. 

If you can't summarize what you do in 5 words, this episode is for you. 

And if you're drowning in emails and you find yourself saying "maybe" when in your heart you mean "no", then yep, this episode is for you. 

We're digging into: 

  • What startups and pregnant women / mothers can learn from each other
  • Why understanding what you do (and don't do!) is absolutely critical to your ability to make decisions -- and exactly how many things you should be doing 
  • Where to turn if you have a hard time describing what you do, if what you do doesn't work, or if you feel crazy busy all the time
  • How to find your business "North Star"
  • The 4 categories of business decision making: Delegate, Defer, Automate & Delete 
  • Why you should strive to be a little bit bad at some things (like email), and why it's okay to "break stuff" in your business 

Some favorite quotes from Sarah: 

"Just because somebody has put something on my task list doesn't mean I have to decide to do it." 

"Don't defer it if you really mean NO. Because that's actually mean."