Ep 034 // How to Nail Your Customer’s Needs with an Incredibly Simple Product (Clarity)

In this week's Clarity episode, I'm welcoming Allison Schaaf, founder of PrepDish, back to show!



You’re going to be so inspired by how EASY it can be to be successful. You don’t have to go and spend tons of money acquiring crazy skills -- instead, Allison shows us how we can create something incredibly simple based purely on a customer's needs.

We're diving into: 

  • Understanding Customers Better: The number one thing to keep in mind that keep your product beautifully simple 
  • Connecting with Customers: The number one question Allison asks to get tons of customer feedback -- and thus provide the solution that people gladly pay for 
  • Building a Team: Allison's take on when to hire, and what 2 questions to ask to decide what you need to hand of
  • Productivity: How to uncover exactly where your time is going, and shift towards more time on your favorite tasks 

"It’s more often the entrepreneur who’s thinking it needs to have all these bells and whistles, and that can just confuse your customer."

“I could make this fancy app and it might make me appealing to some people, but it would make me more appealing to my core customer?”