Ep 037 // Making Tough Decisions, Feeling Fraud-ish & Killer Podcast Interviews (Season 2 Q+A)

That's a WRAP on Season 2! I can't believe we did it -- 10 guests, 20 interviews, 2 bonus episodes, and a whole lot of love and connection with you all. I hope you got as much value out of the wide array of talent on the show this past season. 

Now, it's time to answer your big questions from Season 2 (and life in general)! 


I received such awesome questions this time around, and it was so fun connecting with you in this way! 

I definitely saw some themes in the questions this time around, and that actually confirmed my desire to create the Meaningful Work Series on the podcast over the next couple weeks. Eek! Stay tuned, I'm majorly excited about this month. 

Here are just a few of the answers I'm hitting you with today:  

  • How to make decisions when you feel stuck between two options
  • My strategy for killer podcast interviews 
  • What to do if you're scared you don't have enough expertise, you've made too many mistakes or you're not far enough along to teach others 
  • How to choose between "being responsible" and "chasing your dreams"
  • How to manage time when you feel like your work keeps bleeding into your life
  • What to do with old blog posts when you're embarrassed by where you started 
  • How to turn more inquiries into sales!