Ep 038 // How to Make a Living Doing Something You Actually Like

"The hardest thing about earning a living doing something I care about is how deeply I care about my mistakes."

"The hardest thing about earning a living doing something I care about is believing that I'll actually figure it out one day."

"The hardest thing about earning a living doing something I care about is believing that I'm one of the lucky ones who 'gets to'."

Maybe you're listening to this podcast because you're not currently earning a living doing something you care about.

Perhaps you're in your car right now on your way to the job that you hope to leave. I've been in that driver's seat, listening to podcasts about people who are walking their kids to school and creating cool things, being completely in charge of how much they make.

And I know how badly you want that to be you.

 Or, maybe you're already in this thing. You're trying to figure it out.

You've got a website, you're working on building your audience and you're trying SO hard to find your people and grow your tribe.

And it's so challenging at times, you wonder if this is all worth it.

Maybe it would be easier to go get a job that could pay the bills so you can do your thing.

Or worse, maybe you're so burnt out on your thing that you're not sure you want to do this at all. And you want to give up.

And I get that… because this is hard.

 It is not easy to have meaningful work in your life. And once you find it, you gotta work to keep it. It's not an "I found it and now I'm set for life!" So that's where this meaningful work series comes in.

 I want to talk to you about why having meaningful work in your life is worth it. I want to draw a contrast between a life that has meaningful work, and one that is resigned to the mundane.  

So in the Meaningful Work Series, we're going to get into the tactics for earning meaningful work, and keeping it in your life.

We'll talk about a two-part strategy for NOT giving up on your work.

These three episodes are the very foundation upon which the entire Courage & Clarity podcast is built. I seek conversations with brave people who are fighting for meaningful work, and I get them on the show to reveal the VISION they cultivated, as well as the PROCESS.

 I'm breaking this episode down into five parts: 

  1. Why our current understanding of "work" is broken (and what to replace it with)
  2. What is meaningful work? Is it worth it?
  3. How to recognize YOUR perfect opportunity to do meaningful work 
  4. The two big keys you need to earn a living doing something you care about
  5. The biggest obstacles people face as they go after work they really love