Ep 040 // 8 Clarity Blockers You Need to Bust Through to Be Successful

And just like that, we're wrapping up the Meaningful Work Series! Today I'm excited to share Part 3 of 3. If you missed the first parts of the series, go here: How to Make a Living Doing Something You Actually Like & Vision: 5 Steps to Design Your Life Instead of Living By Default. 

So far in the series, we've gone deep on vision and the importance of understanding exactly where you want to go. But even the best-crafted vision can't answer the big question... 

How the heck do we get there? 


Process is the Clarity component of our meaningful work equation. Having a process means we know the exact steps we need to take, we're equipped with the tools we need to move forward and we know how to measure our success. 


That all sounds great, I know. But I'll give you the bad news first... 

There are going to obstacles. Major ones. They'll obstruct your clarity. They're the pitfalls that keep you from seeing the path in front of you.  

These obstacles so treacherous, they might make you consider giving up on your meaningful work altogether. 

Remember that if this were easy, everyone would be doing it. But they aren't. 

And now for the good news: the most threatening obstacles tend to show up time and time again across ambitious people seeking meaningful work. 

So today, we're diving into the 8 most common obstacles I've noticed in people working towards earning a living doing what they love. If you can bust through these, then clarity can find you -- and that means you'll keep making progress.