Ep 043 // Breaking Up With Career Obsession and Using Meaningful Work to Heal with Ashlyn Carter (Courage)

This week I'm excited to share two fabulous conversations with Ashlyn Carter, conversion copywriter for creative entrepreneurs! 

Soon after meeting Ashlyn, I learned she's played a major part in some huge launches around the internet, including some names you might have heard before such as Jenna Kutcher, Heather Crabtree and Hilary Rushford. 

While Ashlyn now runs a thriving business, it wasn't always this way. In today's Courage story, she bravely shares how she went from sleeping with her phone under pillow as an ever-striving Public Relations professional to recognizing her mental health had been shuffled to the backburner in a major way. 

Ashlyn was hospitalized for a full blown eating disorder and generalized anxiety, and after dealing with frustration and feeling lost, she knew a change was on the horizon. 

In today's Courage story, you'll learn: 

  • Ashlyn's rocky road to entrepreneurship, including why she had to hit "pause" on her life while she was hospitalized for two months 
  • How she challenged her career mindset and decided to forge a completely new path after a successful, striving-based PR career 
  • How she got started as a copywriter
  • The BIG thing she did to accelerate her business and become the "go to girl" for launch copywriting in her industry in just one month