Ep 045 // The Worst Feedback I've Ever Received (& How I'm Handling It)

Okay friends, buckle up & grab your cup of coffee (orrrrr somethin' stronger) -- today it's getting real. 

I'm talking about the worst feedback I've gotten about this podcast so far. And guys, I won't lie -- that sh*t hurts!

So when you have a podcast, this thing happens where you notice you've got a new iTunes review. You think, oh my gosh, another review! I can't wait to read it....

So I raced over to iTunes... but in this particular case, what I found made my stomach drop. 

It wasn't positive. It wasn't flattering. In fact, it was anything but. And damn it, it did NOT make me feel good. 


My initial reaction was to point fingers, call names, blame others, turn my feelings off and mark this firmly under the heading of "haters gonna hate". 

But I couldn't stop thinking about it, so I started talking to my inner circle about it. 

I realized no one is talking about this. At least, not in the specific "I'm not afraid to read my negative review on a podcast" sort of way. 

I want to bring this to light so we can learn from it. So today, I am doing just that.

Today, I am reading the worst review I've ever received on the podcast airwaves for you. 

Not because I need you to reassure me (though y'all are sweet, and I love you!) Not because I need to prove anything. 

I'm doing it because: 1. You've been here and you need solidarity or 2. You haven't been here yet but you are terrified of the dreaded negative feedback. 

So, in this podcast you'll hear: 

  • Me reading, word for word, the worst review I've received so far. Ouch. 
  • How to decipher mean feedback from negative (or constructive) criticism 
  • 3 strategies for dealing with negative feedback, and growing from it! 
  • How to re-frame feedback & turn it into momentum, even when it freakin' hurts 
  • Why I'm not subscribing to the "haters gonna hate!" mentality, even though I reeeeally want to sometimes!

*And hey, by the way? About 40 of you have left seriously amazing iTunes reviews -- and many more of you have reached out via email, Instagram, Facebook & more. This one negative review doesn't take any of that away. I love y'all more than you will EVER know.