Ep 046 // How to Stop Learning & Start Doing, Even If You Have Zero Plan with Jessica Eley (Courage)

Welcome to another week of incredible interviews on Courage & Clarity! 

Jessica Eley is a mindset coach for high achievers who helps people figure out how to get their heads in the right space to achieve the success they want in their lives.  


In this courage episode she tells us how she went from a mega high achiever who finished college early while working full time and planning a wedding, to hitting a breaking point and calling a major timeout.

She quit her corporate job spontaneously after putting 5 years in, and within two weeks she replaced her corporate income. 

In this episode we talk about how Jessica realized she didn’t need to become a guru overnight in order to make real money as an entrepreneur just using the talents she already had. 

She’ll also tell us what we need to do to STOP our fears from holding us back, and why Jessica considers herself “anti positivity moment”. 

In this Courage episode, you'll hear: 

  • What happened when Jessica spontaneously quit her corporate job after 5 years with zero plan (hint: it involves replacing her income in two weeks) 
  • What to do if you feel like you wish you had a teleporter to your future successful self
  • Why the whole "positivity movement" might actually be holding us back 
  • Exactly what to do if your fears are paralyzing you & preventing action 
  • An important wake-up call about what's on your vision board right now