Ep 048 // What to Do if You Love Your Ideas, Yet Still Procrastinate

This week I'm so excited to bring you a different & special version of the Courage & Clarity podcast! 


Today, you're hearing the audio from my first ever Facebook LIVE podcast.

Verdict? It was so fun to be live with you guys!

Not only did my energy feel much higher (can you tell?), but I absolutely loved interacting with many of you during the recording.

I received lots of awesome comments and questions for that -- I can't thank you enough for that! 

This episode's topic was inspired by Fizzle community member Sinead N. She started an epic conversation in our forums, and after reading through the discussion & participating myself I knew I had to take it deeper with you. 

Here's Sinead's question: 

Do you feel alienated when people tell you that if you truly loved and believed in something, you'd get the work done? Does it make you second guess yourself and your ideas or business?

I'm dissecting this extremely relevant question in 6 parts: 

  • Breaking down what the question is really asking
  • The big fear running in the background here, without us realizing it (and what to do!)
  • Why we sabotage our progress on projects, even if we REALLY love them 
  • The incredible power of celebrating wins 
  • Answering the question, "but how hard do I push?"
  • How to start small (and be genuinely okay with the progress)