Ep 049 // How to Find Your Truth & Let it Guide You with Megan Hale (Courage)

This week I'm thrilled to welcome my friend & fellow mastermind group member, Megan Hale! 


Megan focuses on spiritual development & relationship coaching, and she also has a brand new podcast called Wild & Holy Radio. Before that, she hosted a podcast called The Enoughness Revolution for 150+ episodes (!) 

This episode is veers into some unchartered territory here on the Courage & Clarity podcast, and I love it.

We're talking about spirituality, but it's now what you think.

If you consider yourself even remotely spiritually inclined, but perhaps you've dealt with frustration and helplessness in a more traditional religious setting (um, hand raised over here), I think you will love Megan & this conversation. 

In this Courage episode, you'll hear: 

  • How Megan made the crazy decision to close her successful podcast & start over
  • What spirituality can teach us about business 
  • How to get out of your own way and let the process guide you (hint: it feels AMAZING)
  • How to tap into the feeling that you've already arrived at your goal
  • What to do to resolve discomfort, fear and anxiety, in business & in life