Ep 050 // Leveraging Authentic Storytelling to Sell Out an In-Person Event with Megan Hale (Clarity)

In today's Clarity episode we're talking about something I'm super curious to learn more about: in-person retreats with your customers!


Megan Hale is the host of Wild & Holy Weekend. Here's how she describes it: 

"Wild & Holy Weekend is a unique experience for 10 women to gather around a fire, celebrate our power, break bread, and dive into the pure truths of our souls while embracing the concept that we can be both scared and ready, unsure and certain, still evolving and confident."

Megan's recent inaugural W&H Weekend was a total success -- she sold every single spot. 

But before that... she tried to host an in-person event, and it completely flopped. 

So today, Megan is letting us peek behind the curtain in order to show us what went wrong, what she changed and how Wild & Holy Weekend has become the definition of Meaningful Work for her. 

In this Clarity episode, you'll hear: 

  • The flop of Megan's first in person event (why it flopped, and what went wrong)
  • What she changed in her process & in herself for the second time around (which led to selling out!)
  • How to create an emotional connection to an event, leading customers to click "buy" 
  • All about marketing an in-person retreat: when to start & how to do it in order to sell out
  • How to make your customers feel awesome -- not pressured -- during a sales process