Ep 051 // How to be brave when your dreams get crushed with emily ann peterson (courage)

This week it's my absolute pleasure to welcome Emily Ann Peterson to the podcast!  



Emily Ann Peterson, host of the Bare Naked Bravery podcast, is  a singer / songwriter and a marketing consultant / coach. Specifically, she helps creative misfits (and other people who don't feel like they quite "belong") to show up and do their meaningful work. 

But it wasn't always this way. Before this chapter, Emily Ann was a cellist & cello teacher who had been playing her instrument for most of her life. 

When a devastating diagnosis turned her world upside down, she had to figure out how to navigate a new world. 

She had to learn to be brave. 

In this Courage episode, you'll hear:

  • A gripping story of an artist who lost her craft -- how it happened, and how she picked up the pieces
  • How to navigate the future when your life plans are completely altered, despite your best effort 
  • What to do when your success in your business or craft is completely out of your control 
  • The 3 main ingredients of bravery: vulnerability, imagination & improvisation