Ep 052 // 12 Questions to Ask When You Need to Be Brave with Emily ann peterson (Clarity)

We're back for Round 2 with Emily Ann Peterson, and this time we are getting deep into a subject I've never thought too much about: bravery. 


Have you ever thought about bravery as a concept that is as much science as it is art?

Until I talked with Emily Ann Peterson, I always thought bravery was one of those things that people either had or they didn't. Real deal bravery is reserved for heroes, selfless people and storybook characters. 

But in this episode, Emily Ann gives us a recipe for bravery -- we break it down into 12 ingredients, almost as though we're cutting bravery open to examine what it's made of. 

Emily Ann brings an extremely approachable perspective on bravery, and with her tips in mind we can all strategically get our bravery on, right away. 

In this Clarity episode, you'll hear: 

  • The 12 ingredients of bravery -- 3 big ingredients and 3 sub-ingredients for each 
  • 12 questions to ask yourself next time you're terrified and you know you need to do something brave  
  • A concrete method for incorporating more bravery into our businesses 
  • How we can boost our own confidence when we need to make a bold move
  • How to make sure your bravery resonates and connects with others, maximizing the results of your efforts