Ep 053 // The Only Thing You Need to Beat Overwhelm & Finally Focus

Remember that time I started recording LIVE podcast episodes with you? Well, we're back for Round 2! 



Over on the Courage & Clarity Facebook page, I've been testing out some podcast recording with you during a LIVE session. It's been so fun so far!

This episode's topic was inspired by a C&C listener, Jodi. Here's what she requested:

"How do you deal with overwhelm when transitioning to or setting up your own biz? Sooooo many choices, so much info... so I want to hear something about how to find focus and stay focused!"

In this episode, you'll hear: 

  • 3 big threats you need to avoid when you're just starting out
  • THE most important thing you need to do to stop feeling overwhelmed and start feeling focused
  • Why you STILL aren't jumping in, even if you know you should 
  • A 3 pronged approach to gauging your progress & tweaking to improve quickly