Ep 054 // Closing a Six Figure Business in Favor of Fun & Energy with Janelle Allen (Courage)

This week on the podcast we're welcoming course creator & long-time Fizzler, Janelle Allen! 

As an Instructional Designer, she's trained to identify and solve learning gaps. She builds world-class online courses that gets results for her clients' businesses. 

In this Courage episode, you'll hear: 

  • The story of how Janelle built a 6 figure instructional design agency
  • ... and the difficult decision to close that agency to pursue curiosity instead
  • How emails & comments Janelle received became clues about her future 
  • What janelle did for the first year before ever creating her first course  
  • How Janelle fused her natural skill with the needs of her followers
  • The balance between "pressure to succeed" and "space to create" — how much financial runway should you have before making a new leap?