Ep 056 // Sick of Hearing About "Gratitude"? Here's a Fresh Approach to Feeling Grateful (For Real)

I'm willing to bet you've heard a good bit of hype about the "power of gratitude".

These days gratitude, meditation and journaling practices have stepped into the main stage, and while that's a very exciting thing, does anyone else just not feel it sometimes? 


We’ve all been there: you go to journal about what you’re grateful for. You write some things. “I’m grateful for my business. I’m grateful for my family. I’m grateful for my health.”

…. but then, not only does it not “get you anywhere”, you feel even worse because gratitude isn't “working”.

You may wonder, "What’s wrong with me? Why don’t I really feel anything about these words?"

In today's special Live Podcast recording, we're talking about how to reverse engineer gratitude. 

We need to shift from an intellectual practice -- empty, hollow words we can't quite sink our teeth into -- to an emotional practice, one that resonates on the deepest level, and translates into an instant mood lift. 

It's possible to feel what you hope to feel right away, and I hope this quick mental shift does the trick for you.