Ep 057 // How to Stop Fighting Against Your Life & Fall in Love With It Instead with Catherine Rains

There aren't enough words to describe how excited I am for you all to hear this conversation I'm having with Catherine Rains, also known as The Hotel Artist! 

Alternate titles for this episode include: 

  • "Catherine Rains blows Steph's mind live on the air waves"

  • "Stop everything & listen to this" 

  • "Don't listen to this if you want to keep making excuses & staying stuck" 

In seriousness, it feels like I am telling you week after week that another of my "favorite episodes" is being published, which is such a cool feeling. 

But this episode is truly special. For one, the "Courage" & "Clarity" components are fused together in one jumbo episode because they were too intertwined to separate. 

Beyond that, Catherine is a captivating, open-book type storyteller who's got a few decades on me. As such, you'll hear her drop so much wisdom on me, I'm doing mental gymnastics live on the air just to keep up. 

There's so much growth here, so much to think about, and so much easy-to-apply-immediately mindset stuff that you really need to hear. 

In this episode, you'll hear: 

  • How to stop fighting AGAINST your circumstances, and instead learn to work WITH them 
  • A few precise mantras to help you stop dwelling in "tomorrow", "what if", "if only" & "someday"
  • How Catherine used this mindset shift to go from hating her job, to loving it so much she cried when her dream job came along 
  • How Catherine was able to believe that cancer & divorce were amazing gifts, even as they were happening to her

I know there's a lot of "mindset" and "positivity" stuff out there, but this episode resonated with me on a deeper level than many of the other books I've picked up or podcasts I've heard before. I hope you find the same to be true, and if you do, you have to let me know!