Ep 058 // How to Give Yourself a Break Without Giving Up

There's a trend I’ve noticed with entrepreneurs who find success: it's DILIGENCE. Discipline. They’re playing the long game. 

As such, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. And sometimes in a marathon, we must pace ourselves.

break_Episode .png


BUT we must use caution here — sometimes “taking a break” can turn into hanging out at the water station for a while which turns into, "eh, I don’t need to finish this race anyway, I think I’ll just quietly quit."

So what’s a stressed out, exhausted, emotionally spent entrepreneur to do? We don’t want to quit, and we don’t want to burn out. How do we do this dance? 

In this solocast episode, I'm exploring the space between pressing pause and powering through. I'm talking about how to take "a break with guidelines" -- it's a super honest episode about *my* current season, what I've learned, and what I did wrong.

Here's what you'll hear: 

  • An honest "coming clean" on my part, spilling about what's going on in my life and why I think it's important to share with you
  • Why I believe we have fears around taking a break from our creative pursuits 
  • The dangers of taking a break -- what we need to be aware of to avoid stepping back and never returning 
  • What I wish I did differently during this season, and what I'll change next time