Ep 061 // Stop Pushing So Hard & Do These 3 Things Instead

The dreaded "Sunday Scaries" ... chances are you've had 'em.

You know, that feeling on a Sunday that you are so overwhelmed by the thought of the week ahead, it can be hard to even get a good breath in your lungs? It's easy to get lost in that "how am I going to get through this? What can I DO to fix this??" panic. 

I am the controlling type -- I like answers. I don't even mind stressful situations. But not having it all out on the table? Uncertainty? Nope, we're not friends.

So I tend to push, push, push as HARD as I can -- for clarity, for progress, for direction, for resolution.

It doesn't help. Or maybe it helps, to a point, but eventually you get stuck and no amount of pushing moves the ball forward. It's like pushing a block into a brick wall.

So what then? I asked this question and heard some stuff back. I wanna share it with you.

In this special Facebook Live encore episode, I'm dishing: 

  • A story of a revelation I had about major Sunday stress while I was in the shower -- it prompted this episode
  • 3 things you can do, right away, to stop feeling so exhausted by the effort and relax into true acceptance instead
  • A popular Instagram trope I can't stand, and how I suggest we edit it for massive improvement