Ep 063 // We Challenge You to Become a Better Public Speaker This Month (with Crystal Escobar)

In this special episode, I'm sharing details about an exciting November Challenge I'm spearheading with my new friend, Crystal Escobar!

I've loved public speaking for a while, and even though using my voice has been my job for the better part of 7 years, it's one of those things I love practicing, refining and going deeper into. 

So when Crystal reached out to me about hosting a 15 day challenge together to get people more comfortable with video and showing up online, I was all in. I can't wait to do this challenge myself! 

There's lots happening in this episode, including: 

  • A recap of my recent experience as a keynote speaker (in front of 300 people, eek!)
  • My 4 big tips for excellent public speaking
  • How you can leverage video tools like Facebook and Instagram to sharpen your speaking skills
  • Crystal's experience with creating video every day for 6 months, including the unexpected results in her personal life 
  • How to get your hands on 15 days of prompts to jump-start and up-level your video strategy (think FB live + insta stories)

Join us for the challenge starting November 1 at wannabebalanced.com/wannabefearless!